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Aug 3, 2008 10:01 AM

Ceviche Freak

I love ceviche and have decided to find the best in town. So far, I am saying it's Polvo's, although Sazon's is nice as well. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. I really like it at El Chile. They serve it with chips that aren't the same as the regular chips that they serve with the salsa. I'm not sure the type of fish they use, but it's really good!

    1. I've tried this at only a few places in town.

      Between Curra's, La Playa #3, and Fonda San Miguel's, I've got to go with Fonda San Miguel.

      At Curra's, the fish had gray streaks and the flavor was a fishy. La Playa (a little joint on E 7th) was good, but the suction cups on the tentacles freaked me out.

      Fonda's had predictably great-tasting fresh ingredients in theirs. I'm inspired to check out your recommendations.

      1. I really enjoy the Ceviche Yucatan from Taco Deli. Its their Friday special, and I prefer it in a taco rather than with chips. Watch out though, it can be a little on the spicy side sometimes.

        1. Parkside has just won out the top position for me from Manuel's. I think they're by far the best in town thusfar...although I've never tried it at Polvo's - didnt' think it would be good. Go figure.

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            I liked Manuels, until they started getting skimpy on the ingredients. Fonda San Miguel, YUM, but who can afford that on an odd weekday night for a take a way? I will try out y'alls other suggestions!