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Aug 3, 2008 08:14 AM

Favorite Pancake in Atlanta?

Coming to a conference in Norcross this week. While most food is provided, I'm looking for an outstanding pancake. Will have a car but not a lot of extra time. Older posts speak of good breakfast, but I NEED pancakes. Thanks!

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  1. J. Christopher's has, in my opinion, the best pancake - their Blueberry Crunchcakes are amazing. They have a few locations, so there may be one near your area:

    1. The Silver Skillet near Georgia Tech has excellent pancakes!

      1. The Silver Skillet is not a 24hour place, I think they close around noon or 1pm.

        1. my favorite pancakes are at either radial ( or American Roadhouse (


          if you try radial make sure you check their specials. they usually have a "special pancake" special. the sweet potato and pumpkin pancakes are outstanding