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Aug 3, 2008 07:30 AM

Panchos, Bora Bora, Petra or ? in Manhattan Beach

Staying at the Marriott for a conference, looking for some good places for dinner 5 nights with colleagues. Have never been to these places, but am considering: Mucho, Bora Bora, Petra (is that how you spell it? The Greek Place)...would appreciate your comments. Need dinners for Sunday through Thursday night, would prefer no repeats. I know that Il Forniao, Houstons, and PF Chang are supposed to be nearby, but looking for some other options. While I always appreciate the local "hole in the wall", some in my group might not. Thanks!!!

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  1. I take it you have a car to get around in? If not your eating will be a tougher row to hoe.

    Just north of your location in Westchester are two worthy dining choices. Ayara Thai is known for their noodles, (the drunken boat noodles are a stand out) but all of their food is very good and the space is quite nice. Just around the corner from Ayara is Truxton's which bills itself as an American Bistro. Some like it (I count myself in that camp) and some do not but if you go try one of their burgers.

    Finally, wherever you end up for dinner don't miss out on ice cream at Glacier's in Manhattan Beach.

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      Thanks, will have a car...appreciate the recs. Will definitely try Glacier's for a treat! Heard Bora Bora has closed. Petros is sounding pretty good from the other post...time to pack, so thanks again to those who responded

    2. A middle ground between a hole in the wall and a nicer place is El Gringo, which has a few locations in the South Bay, but the nearest in MB is on Sepulveda next to the Baskin Robins. Yes, it's Americanized mexican food as the name suggests, but it's done really well. Their free chips, and especially salsa, are really something special. It's sit down, has tvs usually showing sports, and serves beer. It might be a good option for a less formal dinner.