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Aug 3, 2008 07:13 AM

I have 2 days off in Bangkok--where do I NEED to go?

traveling for work in Asia in September, and with flights/weekends I've found myself with a Saturday and Sunday night break in Bangkok.

I have never been to Thailand, and I know that I will never see & do all that I want to see & do in just 2 days, but would love tips on your favorite food spots in Bangkok (I wouldn't mind some restaurant recommendations, but I also love the idea of good street food!)

also, what are some essential things to see, esp. art-related and off-the-beaten-path types of things?

thank you so much, I really appreciate the input!

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  1. I linked my map in the Bangkok cooking posts a few posts down. On the map you may find some food options near where you are staying.

    If it sounds interesting to you, the Bangkok Dolls Museum is indicated on the map. Although located downtown, and the dolls are interesting, getting to it is an adventure in itself!

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    1. re: Curt the Soi Hound

      Curt, your map is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I cannot thank you ENOUGH! It will be an incredible reference to me, I'm sure.

      it is also funny you mentioned the doll museum, as I actually MAKE dolls!

      upon doing some further research, Chinatown appeals to me greatly. I may end up staying in a hotel there, as Chinatowns in America are always my favorite place, and I know Bangkok Chinatown has a long history!

      I will definitely be reading some of your other posts to use as a resource!! thanks again!

      1. re: blue socks

        If you plan on a visit to the Dolls Museum, definitely print out that map at the largest resolution that still shows street names.

    2. Bangkok Post had an article about the best places to eat Isaan sausage:

      The newspaper is actually a great source for street food.

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      1. re: whs

        thanks so much for pointing me to that resource! I will definitely study up!

      2. Go to Chinatown known as Yaowarat. There are many gold shops there and seeing them is interesting. Go to Pratunam . If your into computers, go to Pantip Plaza (near Pratunam). Take a ride on the Sky Train. Go to Baiyoke tower at Pratunam and see Bangkok from above. For the backpacker crowd, go to Khaosan Road. Go to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo. Find street vendors and food courts everywhere.