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Aug 3, 2008 06:54 AM

MSP-What to order @ Teahouse Plymouth

I asked this in another thread but I fear it might get lost because it was off subject. I get out to Teahouse as much as possible but am set in my ways and order the same things...the bamboo tips appetizer and either the boiled fish in szechuan sauce, dancing fish, or the double cooked pork. I'm looking for suggestions from others on their favorite dishes as I'm looking to try new things.

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  1. my son and I both love their Sessame Shrimp, 2nd choice is Pork Peking Style

    1. Boiled fish is tasty.

      How about Chun King Chicken? That is usually good. Dan dan noodles too. The green beans are good too.

      Lately, I've been going to Little Szechuan and Tea House 2 since they're closer to home. TH2 has good mini-juicy buns. And a pork with noodles dish that's been very good.

      1. I went to the one in St. Paul and I don't know if they have the same menu items, but these are my favorites: ( some of the names may not be exactly right since I'm going off memory)

        Crispy fried fish: whole fish fried and presented with a slightly tangy, garlic, ginger sauce. Very very good.

        mini juicy buns(Steamed bao zi Shanghai style): pork filling with a little sesame oil. I ordered two of those and they were gone in less than 5 minutes.

        Egg plant in garlic sauce: moist, tender, wonderful, flavorful.

        1. Do you order the "Szechuan " double cooked pork? Or the other one? I ADORE the szechuan version. And the boiled beef is rockin'. I always have to order the dan dan noodles. But the tea smoked duck is a real treat - something to share with a group, as it is lovely and rich.

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            I hate to say it but Teahouse has really headed downhill. I usually order the fish filet in spicy sechuan sauce and it has been marginal the last two times I ordered it and last night it wasn't good at all. The broth is not as flavorful and the fish tastes different. The service has been bad lately too. It seems like they are turning over wait staff regularly as there is always a servers wanted sign on the door. I wonder what's going on? I might have to switch to Little Sezhuan.

            1. re: dave43

              This is very disappointing news. :( It's been awhile since I've been there--thanks for the update.


              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                it wasnt the plymoth location, and we didnt get the fish in broth, but i had lunch at the st paul tea house saturday and thought the offerings to be generally very good.
                we had veggie dumplings, juicy buns (both quite good but not as good as the last time i was back in SF) and some really really good scallin pancakes and schezuan cold noodles.

                as a matter of fact i had dinner that night at little schezuan, and found the teahouse noodles to be favorable (though the seasamepaste based LS version was still good, it didnt have that awesome chili oil-iness to it that Teahouses did).