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Aug 3, 2008 06:45 AM

The state of Chinese cuisine right now...

We keep hearing about the decline of Chinese cuisine in the Westchester area...Where are the good Chinese restaurants these days in Westchester, Fairfield and beyond...and what makes you think so?

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  1. I just want a place that makes things like a home made egg roll. it seems they all use the same suppliers.

    1. There's another recent thread on this, but as I said before, Aberdeen is easily the best Chinese restaurant in Westchester, because it has a wide range of authentic Cantonese dishes and killer flavors, and above average dim sum. The salt and pepper squid is like crack for the tongue. The jellyfish, the sauteed greens, ginger and scallion fish, crispy spiced chicken, all great.

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        I second Aberdeen for authentic Chinese food. For American Chinese, I enjoyed Golden House in Jefferson Valley. They were closed by a fire many months ago, and I haven't been back since they reopened, so I don't know if they are still as good as before the fire.

      2. Ching's Table in New Canaan is the best Chinese Food that jfood has eaten in FFD county.

        Food is great and very diverse: