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Aug 3, 2008 06:44 AM

Best place for TEPPANYAKI?

hi guys,

i've been to tokyo wako (both arcadia and pasadena), benihana (beverly hills), kado (the one near farmer's market), and garden grill (in the kyoto grand hotel in little tokyo)...

is there any other teppanyaki places that people thought were better or were really good??

thanks in advance!!

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  1. Must plug Yatsuhashi in Little Tokyo for teppanyaki. It's on San Pedro, with a purple sign outside and stairs that go DOWN. (Easy to miss!). It's a deceptively large space with great food. It's been 1+ year since I've been, so hopefully it hasn't changed but it's worth a try.

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      i haven't heard of the place before...but i think i will try this place out next week with the bf :)

    2. i would have to say thousand cranes in little tokyo has an awesome teppanyaki. expensive as hell, but it's really good.

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        i think so too! thousand cranes is the same as garden grill..well right next to each other lol but they do have some great but expensive teppanyaki :]

      2. Musashi in Northridge (two locations, but the older one on Tampa at Nordhoff is my personal favorite). It used to be my choice for birthday restaurant every year growing up.