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Aug 3, 2008 04:29 AM

Stone Street - Any Recos?

The spot is great, but does the food match up? Are there any restaurants that I should try (or avoid)? Both times I've been by (but didn't eat), all the dishes looked good and the prices seemed reasonable, especially given the neighborhood and the setting. I'm just worried that you're paying for the privilege of sitting in this beautiful street and the food is an afterthought.

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  1. Most of the food on Stone St is your run-of-the-mill continental or pub fare.

    A lot of people love Adrienne's Pizza Bar (grandma-style square pies). They use good ingredients and all, but I find their food to be underwhelming.

    Financier is a pretty solid coffee/pastry shop.

    The best restaurant, imo, would be Harry's, at the corner of Stone & Hanover. Great for burgers, appetizers, etc.--the tuna tartare and kabob appetizers are my favorites there. But, it's a bit fancier (and thus, more expensive) than most of the happy hour spots over there.

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      Haven't been to Harry's, but I second Adrienne's and Financier. Stone Street is a haven in the Fi Di area.

    2. that pizza is real real good

      1. Bumping this thread up.

        I'm not a huge fan of Stone Street (especially in the Summer with picnic tables and beer everywhere). That said, with the limited choices on the East Side in the Financial District there are a few okay restaurants (Financier, Adrienne's Pizza, etc. already mentioned).

        Mad Dog & Beans is another possibility.

        SO went to Mad Dog & Beans recently. He said his skirt steak was pretty good (not the best he's ever had) and their Tres Leches Cake was very good.

        And of course there's the Oyster Festival:

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          financier for treets and ulysees for oysters and thats about it.