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Where to find Coke with sugar, not HFC

I am a little freaked out by the stories I have read recently about a direct correlation between the obesity epidemic in the US and the introduction of sodas with high fructose corn syrup. I am wondering if there are any stores in the lower Westchester area (a mexican market perhaps?) that sell Coke with sugar. I know a lot of the small label premium sodas use sugar, and my son mostly drinks Izzies and Italian Orangiatas when he wants a soda, but I would like to be able to find Coke for the times he really wants one.

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  1. I can't direct you to a specifc spot, but many hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants sell Mexican Coke.

    Or maybe you just need to drive down to Tecate (easier than Tijuana) and load up with all the sugar Coke you can transport.

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      Agree with the hole in wall mexican places. Try a taqueria and see if they are selling mexican coke. I don't ever drink coke, so I can't recommend a place, unfortunately, but my guess is probably half will sell the real mexican stuff bottled in mexico.

    2. As a general rule, the only time you can find Coke made with real sugar is around Passover. HFCS is not Kosher for Passover, so Coke obliges by making a small batch with real sugar during the weeks before. It is a limited supply, so it is not available year round.

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        Actually, I do know that, and the Cokes that are made with sugar generally have a different colored bottle top, but this year, all I could find with that different colored top was Diet Coke. Maybe I need to go to a store closer to a synagogue!

      2. Just out of curiosity, does the Coke with sugar have fewer calories than the Coke with HFC? Otherwise, I would there's no difference in terms of the impact on obesity.

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          The calories should be the same, but fructose is metabolized differently. It does not stimulate insulin, which sounds good, but in the long run is believed to contribute to insulin tolerance...diabetes. Its also metabolized in the liver, which affects metabolism of lipids and cholesterol. Of course its best to not drink sodas...the occasional one won't hurt. But if one absolutely had to have non-diet sodas, sucrose would be a relatively better sweetener.

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            It's not the calories, it's how they're metabolized. Gourmet.com has a very interesting article on this.

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              Agreed, how our food is processed affects how our bodies process the food.

              Agro-business lobbies for subsidized corn and we end up with HFC as an ubiquitous ingredient. Organic food for which we now pay a premium is the "normal" food my parents ate on a day to day basis. There were no pesticides, bovine spongiform disease, antibiotic resistant salmonella, high fructose corn syrup, soy beans with Monsanto genes. Food was natural, grown on farms, local. People, not corporations with armies of illegal immigrants, made a living by farming. That kind of produce is now considered a yuppy luxury which is sad commentary on the state of our food system.

              All so we can have $0.99 hamburger with chlorinated/irradiated meat filler at MacDonalds and corporate farms can make billions.

          2. We can buy a product called Jones Soda that is made out of cane sugar.

            But if you're worried about calories (as well we all should be) you really need to skip the soda and drink water. Sad, but true.

            1. It's not Westchester, but I got some at the Foodmart International on Rt 59 in Spring Valley, in Rockland. They had Sprite and Fresca with real sugar too.

              1. I wouldn't mind tasting Coke with sugar and comparing it to HFC. There's alot of misinformation about HFC due to spinmeisters and those with political agendas. HFC is a great alternative to sugar, but all things in moderation. Nobody should be drinking soda, whether made with sugar or HFC, everyday, if they are truly conscious about their health.

                1. I have coworkers who used to go to Canada for soda with sugar. I've been told there is a difference in taste.

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                    I've tasted Mexican coke in the glass and can definitely note a difference; there's a cleaner aftertaste with cane sugar, more of a rock candy kind of flavor than the more cloying sweetness with corn syrup.

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                      Interesting about the cloying sweetness. On the occasions I do have a Coke, it's always with a splash of water to take off that sweet edge

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                        Having had Coke with sugar in many countries outside the US, my son is so happy when he sees coke with sugar. I hate the taste of Coke in the US, but when I tasted the Coke with sugar, I remembered why I used to like Coke as a kid. It definitely tastes better.

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                          Waldbaums on Long Island has Coke on sale this week at $5 for 5 2 liters. As luck would have it, there were 5 Kosher for Passover (yellow cap) cokes mixed in and yours truly took the last five. This was in the Rocky Point store, I don't know if stores in more Jewish areas have already been picked through, but it looks like last call until next year!

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                            Just an FYI Pepsi is coming out with or just came out with Pepsi "Throwback"-made with sugar not HFCS. Im sure Coca Cola will follow suit. I just hope it tastes as good as it used to. I was in Costa Rica earlier this year and drank a "real" coke-ice cold, with that bite that I remember it having when I was a kid. Yum. if you do find it, please let us know!

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                              came out with - limited time, if you see any still on the shelves (many areas didn't carry either the pepsi or the mtn dew) and want to try it, get it, because the 2 month period ended 1 or 2 weeks ago.

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                                We found two at our local A&P and grabbed them. A blast from the past!

                                1. re: roxlet

                                  There were a bunch last week at the little burger place in Mt Pleasant, Pony Express...

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                                    Bought some pepsi throwback at Scotts Corner Market. I think it was released in NY not Ct

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                                      As of July 3, Pony Express in Pleasantville still had bottles of Pepsi Throwback, just got 2 yesterday.

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                                        Costco in Holbrook has cases of the 12 oz glass bottles of Mexican coke for $18.00 and they are the bottles made with sugar. This was the first time I have ever seen the Mexican coke in any place other than a bodega.

                                        1. re: imhungryletseat

                                          Yes, my husband bought a case at the Costco in Yonkers.

                                2. re: lovesublime

                                  Just bought the throwback Mountain Dew - nothing like the original!

                                3. re: imhungryletseat

                                  On Sunday I noticed that Costco in Port Chester had the Pepsi with sugar.

                                  1. re: valerie

                                    Yes, Pepsi is trying to see how consumers respond to the sugar version in smaller markets.

                                    Coke with sugar is found in some Latin markets. I've seen them in Union City, <NJ> and upstate NY in Fleishcmanns.

                                    A good substitute is the Whole Foods 365 Cola brand. It's made with pure cane sugar and has a nice lasting froth one gets with pcs.

                                    I wish Coke would go back to making the 'real thing' again.

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                                      I picked up a case of the Mexican Coke in the Smithtown Costco on New Years Eve. $19.60 plus tax and deposit for a case of 355ML Glass Bottles.

                          2. Cable Beverages, on Route 304 in Bardonia (Rockland County) has Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc. in the little glass bottles (I assume this means real sugar, not HFCS, I didn't check the labels). They also have a tremendous selection of beers, if that makes it more worth your while to make the trip.

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                              The content of the small bottles is identical to the other sizes -- only the packaging is different. The "real sugar" Mexican Coke has re-emerged at Costco recently after a hiatus.

                            2. Maybe this has been mentioned but Kosher for Passover coke has real sugar. Passover is mid-April this year so it should come out about a month or two earlier. I think it has or has had yellow caps in the past.

                              1. Pepsi with real sugar also comes out in Passover. Been buying it for the last 2 years in Costco during said Jewish Holiday. On the can it would say "Made with real sugar and underneath limited time only.

                                The good news is it appears Pepsi will now make it year round. I was in Costco yesterday and they had it with the "limited time only" removed. Bought 3/24 per case cartons.

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                                  Is that the Throwback variety? I haven't seen it recently but I know it was available last year.

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                                    Hi guys! Pepsi has a new product called Pepsi Natural. All natural (sugar, apple extract, kola nut extract) Available in limited markets right now but New York Metro area is one of them. Have not found it yet but if anyone does let us know how it is.

                                2. Coke with sugar in glass bottles last seen at Stew Leonard's in Yonkers yesterday. I believe they were $1.39 each... not sure if they were 8 or 12 oz.

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                                    I'm drinking one right now. 355ml = 12oz.