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Aug 3, 2008 01:04 AM

Tripas de Leche recipe?

Had Tripas de Leche at Vallarta market in Baldwin Park Ca. a few years ago. In the hot food case next to Chicharrone and Carnitas, mahogany brown and unmistakably fried, it was delicious with just a bit of offal funk. It was just labeled Tripas, but I think it is called Tripas de Leche (white inside), and now my local Value Mart market has T d L on sale @ .98 lb. I have not been able to find a real recipe to make it at home. I don't know how to properly clean or prepare this treat, but I just made refritos and salsa(salmonela?) and would love to make Tripas tacos. any help? TIA

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  1. If you marinate prior to cooking you may be able to make one of these work
    I might try a Wok in place of the traditional double disc set-up

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      Thanx todao, the second recipe seems like what I'm looking for, but in the comments its interesting that it is suggested to boil for 3.5 hours instead of 15 minutes. Still could use more input from experienced gut cookers!

    2. you can slice them and make "son of a bitch stew". tripas de leche= marrow gut = pagliata.
      For son of a bitch stew - marrow gut, sweetbreads, veal breast, heart, liver, kidneys, tenderloin, tongue, etc. veal suet.
      you can find the recipe onlin
      also look for spaghetti alla pagliata.(or pajata)

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        Leche means milk and in the case of tripas de leche, it refers to milk glands in the cow's udder.

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          interesting. what's your source for this?
          looking at the english wikipedia which claims that they are udders - i clicked on the spanish wikipedia which says that machitos article - tripas de leche are equiavlent to what the argentines call chinchulin.
          the wikipedia for chinchulin says as well that they are the soft intestines but nowhere are udders mentioend.
          (sp. ubre). so i wonder.. can't find a spanish source confirming the udder connection.

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            From the English Wikipedia, "Tripas, in Mexican cuisine are the small intestines of farm animals that have been cleaned, boiled and grilled.[1]"

      2. Tripas de Leche are the cousins to the Chitterling soul food. De lech means there from a cow and not the Hog like Chitterlings.

        If you by Tripas the supermarket, they are not cleaned and ready for cooking. To prep for cooking they washed inside and out very well. I cut the tripa to about 18" -24" long lenghts. I place in a tub with water, I 1/8 cup salt and 1 cup vinegar...this will not affect flavor, but cleans the tripa well.

        This next step is very important, take each tripa and run water from the faucet thru the tripa washing oit the unside untill the water runs clear.

        I like to par-boil my tripas and brown on the BBQ pit for the added smoky favor and crispness. Some folk cook all the way in a Disco over a flame, but I fine the tripa hardens and is greasier.

        Place tripas in a large pot with water, as if you were making Menudo, spice with garlic, bay leaf and onion...this helps with the smell and give some flavor. Boil till tender for about 1-1/2 hours. Finish cooking on the cool side-off the direct heat- of the BBQ, or in the oven or on the stove top.

        Make your Killer Guacamole, Pico de Gallo and some good corn or flour tortillas and have a Fiesta...

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          tripas are tripe. tripas de leche are from a tube in the calf that's filled with digested mother's (cows)milk. It is more of an intestine.It's used in pagliata (pajata) recipes from Italy. It's called marrowgut in english.

          Straight tripe is not intestine. It's the lining of the stomachs.
          in argentina - the tripas de leche are called chinchulin.

          Carniceria argentina in north hollywood has them.

          1. re: Jerome

            In south Texas Meat Markets and Grocery stores Tripas are sold as Tripas de leche.

            Speaking with the butchers, de leche is milk-fed(calf) tripas...but not all tripas sold today are from calves. De leche has taken on a meaning of distiguishing between Bovine and Hog intestine. Most Tripas de leche are sold without the Udder or milk gland. Tripas are the intestine only.

            I can only speak to the cooking traditions in my region South Texas and Northeast Mexico. I was responding to the OPs question on how to prepare and cook Tripas. I am not familiar with every Latin style of cooking Tripas. Again my apologies.

            Menudo is another topic.


          2. re: SAguy

            no, tripas de leche is bovine milk glands. leche is spanish for milk. yes, it does come from a cow, but it is not a digestive organ, it's the cow's udder glands.

            1. re: jdanielc

              Yup, what he said. Tripas de leche are MILK glands.
              Here's what they look like. Tripas de leche de cerdo, and tripas de leche de res.

              Pork -->

              Cow -->

              Estómago o tripa (without the 'de leche') looks like this...
              Tripa -->

              1. re: Cheese Boy

                someone should fix this page esp the en mexico section of

                1. re: Jerome

                  The Tripas de leche which I get at taquerias is most certainly intestines, not udders/glands as pictured. Perhap a regional reference?

                2. re: Cheese Boy

                  Your first 2 links don't work and in the third, the picture shows TRIPE, not tripas.

            2. I have been cooking tripas de leche since before they were taken off the market for mad cow deise about 12 years ago. the way i prepare them . 1st i cut them to about 10-14 inches in the sink, as i pull them apart from their braided nature. I do not run water through them to clean them, they are from milk so their is no need for the cleaning. I then put them in a out door cooking pot on a high flame with nothing in the pot except fot the tripas. They will create their own juice and will shrink to about 1/2. 40lbs turns to approx 20lbs. Each 10-14 inch piece shrinks to about 5-7 inches. This processes takes about 11/2 -2 hours. I then remove them from the pot and put them in a large disposabel pan. I then remove the pot and pour the liquid that is produced by the tripas into a 5 gal bucket. I do a quick wash of the pot. i then add it to the high flame again letting the wash water evaporate 100%. I then add about 10-13 lbs of lard (can be purchased in any mexican market). I let it melt and once this is done i add the tripas back into the pot with the boiling lard. This step takes about 11/2 to 2 hours as well. I add about 1/2 hand full of salt and a 1/4 hand full of pepper. Mix from the bottem about every 15 min and then shorten the intervals as they cook. They will then start foaming. once they all foam they are ready. remove if you like them softer, leave in longer to get the fried crunchy texture. Soft inside, cruncht out side. Serve on a tortilla with a lil lime and salsa, add salt at this time to your own taste. Enjoy!!