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Aug 2, 2008 09:39 PM

Half Moon

Dinner At Half Moon

Had dinner at Half Moon this evening. Was disappointed to be kind. I understand that the restaurant is new and has to go through some growing pains but considering they are owned by the Havest on Hudson Group, they should have their act together. Our reservations were for 9:00. We arrived at 8:30 and had a drink at the bar and were seated at 9:00. I thought this is good. We were a party of two and we had a nice quiet table by a window so were able to admire the view. Twenty minutes later a waitress showed to ask for our drink order and give a menu and tell us the specials. Long story short....we ordered the fried clams and the stuffed clams. Stuffed clams were all stuffing no clams and the fried clams all fried bread crumbs. not tasty at all. For a main course I ordered the prawns and my date orderd the prime rib and we ordered a bottle of wine. We ended up pouring our own wine because our waitress was nowhere to be found. When dinner finally arrived, his prime rib was cold. He asked if they could just warm it up a bit. I'm sitting with my shrimp waiting for his prime rib to come back. Twenty minutes later the waiter puts a dish down in front of him and walks away. We look at the dish and it is a steak that someone had started to eat and for some reason sent back to the kitchen. About 10 minutes or so later when we could finally flag down a waiter we told them about the mistake. They were not even apologetic. Now my shrimp is ice cold while I'm waiting for his prime rib to appear. Agian another 15 minutes goes by and they bring out a prime rib but now it is a new plate and it is rare instead of medium rare. At this we just gave up and I ate my cold shrimp and he ate rare prime rib. God only knows where the original prime rib (that only needed to be heated) ended up. No apologies for the mix up - not a complimentary drink or cup of coffee. I would definately not recommend Half Moon until they get their act togeher.

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  1. where is it? i didn't see a mention of that.

    we had a similar experience several years ago on our anniversary no less.we tried a place near home that was supposed to be upscale southern cuisine.we had reservations for a tuesday night which is a traditionally slow night out.we were just about on time and there was only 2 other tables being used.we sat and no one came to the table for 20 minutes.finally someone came over to take our orders only to find out we never got menus.they brought us menus and water and forgot us for another 15 minutes.after they eventually came back we ordered.after 20 more minutes we got our apps and that was it! in the meantime others are being seated and are getting their orders while we have already finished our apps and no one has picked up the plates or brought our main dishes.i was going to pay for the apps and leave but after another 40 minutes we decided enough was enough.i walked over near the kitchen and told them we were leaving without paying for anything.they told us the main dishes were just coming out so i told them to enjoy them since we were done.the chef and manager followed us outside asking what the problem was.i had a list! we were ther for over 2 hours and got apps and water.amazing.shortly after that,the zagat revue said if they were going any slower they'd be going backwards.needsless to say they were closed soon after although a couple of years later reopened in another part of town.we weren't brave enough to bother trying them again.

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      Ive been there about 5 or 6 times, and I have loved it each time. I wrote a review here a while back. I think the food is great, and the service can be a little green, but Ive never had a bad experience. I guess it goes to show you that some people can have a horrible experience and it leaves a bad taste in their mouth (pun intended) and others can enjoy the food, ambience, and overall experience and overlook some things that may irritate them elsewhere. I'll continue to go back.

    2. it is in dobbs ferrry where the old chart house used to be.

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        Oh no, it sounds like the Chart House all over again. We were going to go there last night, glad I opted for Il Sorriso instead.

      2. While my one meal there wasn't as terrible as yours, I was not very impressed either. I was also pretty surprised that it got a very good rating in the Times. The view is excellent, but from my experience, it was the only thing worth all the hype around this place!

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        1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

          they are riding on the reputation of Harvest on Hudson. It's a shame because with decent food and service it would be a great place.
          One unusual thing I never came accross before. When they served the bread instead of butter, they had a little dish with shredded chese in it for the bread. We had to ask for butter and when they brought the butter it was ice cold and could not be spread.

          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

            We liked the belly clams and the calamari, everything else not so much. Prime rib was ordered and sent back (ordered med rare arrived well done) we found the service intrusive (my water glass was refilled after every sip). In their defense they had recently opened when we were there. We might go back for appetizers and the view.

          2. has anyone been back to half moon? was there when they first opened and had similar thoughts to you. Its been a year now, maybe things have changed

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              I went this past weekend on Saturday eve. While I thought the food was tasty, I was really unhappy with how they seemed to rush us through the meal. After we sat down, a waitress came over within moments to take our drink order. We asked for water and told her we hadn't decided on wine. So she went away and moments later a second person came by - who we also sent away. After we ordered, drinks came quickly, but we had our entrees within 15 minutes of ordering wine (got no apps) which felt fast to me. They cleared our plates when my friend was still eating and then brought our check while we were eating dessert - without waiting to see if we wanted another cup of coffee or something else. Whole meal took about 1 h 15 min which is not ok - I want to be out long enough to justify getting a sitter. Would have ordered another cup of coffee, or something else - but we were way too rushed. And our waitress was clueless.

              Will not be going back.

              1. re: doc_k55

                The problem in these places is that the service and the food is hit or miss depending who goes and what happens. Alot of waiters are just doing this for the extra cash and not much more. Also if the managers would actually train their waiters service would improve and problems of bad srvice wouldn;t happen so much.And it's summer time the busiest time so the hired help are summer jobs. I go for drinks only at this place since I don't want to have a bad experience.

            2. A few updated mixed reviews on this thread-- I personally returned a few months ago and thought it had improved.

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              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                I finally ended up going back. I agree it definitely has improved but not by much. I also felt rushed and we were there on a sunday night, which was not very busy. My waitress was very nice and very knowledgeable. Food was OK. The duck tacos were amazing and Tuna dish I had was very good, but my friends steak was rare and he asked for med well, not a big deal but annoying to have to send back. You can't get any better view so I cant say I wont be back but probably in the bar or outside area during the warm weather.

                1. re: foodcritic12

                  I'm amazed that so many hounds report being rushed. I've been there twice -- once on a Saturday night, no less. My experience was that the service was unpolished, inexperienced, a bit inattentive. That made for extended meals, which was not such a bad thing as we took in the fabulous view. Food was good, well prepared and well presented. Not fabulous, but a very good value.
                  While I'm not usually a sangria fan, it is very good there.