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Aug 2, 2008 09:22 PM

Tai Yang (Boba + Eclectic Snacks) on Noriega?

On a frozen dumpling run today, I spotted a new (to me) large-ish place called Tai Yang at 1315 Noriega (betw. 20th ahd 21, next to Won Ton House). It had a graphic logo suggestive of a bubble tea drink, and had separate posted menu sheets featuring 1) HK-style sai chan dishes 2) American-style breakfasts 3) Shanghai style dim sum and 4) Vietnamese sandwiches. There was another sheet listing "Grand Opening specials" but by then my head was spinning. Has anybody tried this place?

I also stopped by Cafe Bakery for a baked Pork Bun. It was good, as good as any I've had from Cage Bakery, but the price is now $1.30 for a single bun, which left me wondering if it's really THAT good.

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  1. I went about two months back. I had the special of Vietnamese sandwich and fresh soy milk for $4.50 and an order of XLB. It was ok, not enough umph for my taste. Will stick to Irving Street Cafe for banh mi and King of Dumplings.