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Aug 2, 2008 07:35 PM

New Ikea catalog, new tempts

I admit I'm a frying/saute pan slut -- run through them like crazy. The new catalog has all these new (to me) pans for cheap. If they're not bad-boy dangerous or toxic -- why not buy a few? Not trying for the high-priced standards (AllClads, et al.) but are these decent enough (like Farberware, Wearever)? That Bravera frying pan (p.317, $9.99!) is a sure temptation. Are they worth a try (and the trip)?

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  1. ive been using a coated ikea omlette pan for a few years with no probs,maybe its getting alittle warped,but still non-stick and going strong.they are alittle thin in the metal department,but i think we payed maybe 4 dollars for saying its worth it,and its nice to have a back up,at that price id get 2!!!they also have lots of other good gadgets,storage,and plates,dishes,glass wear etc.,always a fun visit...