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New BBQ Restaurant opening in Brookline.

A new BBQ restaurant will be opening in Brookline on August 26. It will be located on Beacon St in Washington Square at the old Vinny Testas location, can not wait to try it.

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  1. Same folks who own the Publck House, couple blocks up...Really sinking a bundle in to the buildout, should be very happening.

    1. Can't wait to see the beer selection - close to 30 taps of all American craft brews from what I hear. Should be the new Redbones for me now that the inspiration has left what used to be my favorite beer bar in the Boston area in recent months.

      1. I am so excited about this bbq! It is located right up the street from me and everyday I notice the small amounts of progress being made at the site (they finally added the word 'barbeque' to the signage on the front. The crimson letters on the black paint give it a very surreal look). I am a Publick House fan, although I am very annoyed that the Publick House Provisions gourmet shop STILL does not have their license to sell beer. Lets hope the Roadhouse doesn't run into similar issues.

        1. If the bbq is remotely authentic (ie better than other local options) and the attitude from employees isn't as snooty as the Publick House, it should be good.

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            It amazes me that people complain so much about the unprofessionalism of the staff at the Publick House which continues to suck and people still go wait in line at the place. The food is slightly above average at best, and for the price of 4 beers you can get a great bottle of wine at most restaurants and be treated much better.

            The best thing about this place is going to be the take out so that I wont have to deal with the staff.

            ***Also, I would hate to live in the vicinity of that building, it's about as attractive as the help they hire***

              1. re: NoAddedSweetener

                I've never been there to eat, but that new building is some ugly...

              2. re: goody1720

                I don't understand - why does it amaze you that people complain so much about it, when you agree with them, it seems? Did you mean "It doesn't surprise me that people complain so much.." ?

                1. re: Prav

                  That sentence may be a bit clumsy, but it appears that goody1720 was saying that with all the complaints it's surprising that people are waiting in line to get in.

                2. re: goody1720

                  I don't hate the place and I really like the role they're trying to play. I've just had bad experiences with their servers copping 'tude and the food not being all that. I like their beer list though.

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                    "for the price of 4 beers you can get a great bottle of wine at most restaurants." I cannot find their online menu (is it http://www.thepublickhousebrookline.com/ and did it let its registration lapse?) but I seem to recall the beers averaged around $7-$8 each? I thought that $30 was the beginning price point for most restaurants around Boston for any wine, much less "great wine" (except maybe Troquet, Silvertone and a few others)?

                3. Just for arguments sake, the average pint of domestic craft beer runs about $5.50 at Publick House. How is that highway robbery? Granted, a lot of the Belgians run between $7-$8, but you have to factor in transportation costs and the crappy exchange rate, etc. For craft beer, Publick House is still a bargain in my opion. Have you seen the prices at Deep Ellum, Bukowskis and even Redbones lately?

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                  1. re: Chrispy75

                    That's irrelevant on all counts! If you go into a restaurant knowing that you are about to pay money for awful service you are crazy! (The only caveat to this is Santarpio's b/c they have earned the street cred)

                    1. re: goody1720

                      I've always received excellent service at Publick House so I cannot complain, and I do find their beers to be the best priced in town when compared to the places that I mentioned above.

                      1. re: goody1720

                        I have never experienced really terrible service at the Publick House. Most times the servers are fairly attentive considering the circumstances and the enviornment. Many times I have watched them duck through massive crowds of people standing in the "don't stand here" aisle by the bar. I can imagine it must be frustrating.
                        Also, I don't think that there are many servers with a snobby attitude, perhaps one or two bad apples are causing a misperception.
                        Maybe I am just too content with with my good beer, good friends, and comfort food to notice. I definitely never leave the Publick House with a chip on my shoulder.

                      2. re: Chrispy75

                        FWIW, I've no problem with their pricing. For me, my agitation is purely one of the attitude and to a lesser extent the food. If it was more conveniently located to me I'd go a lot more than I do, but being right down the street from a variety of places w/ good (but not *as* good) selections I'd rather just go there.

                        1. re: jgg13

                          I repect that. Seriously though, who can't sell beers and make macaroni and cheese? It isnt rocket science or a novel idea. I dont know him or her, but clearly the owner is an egotistical maniac who thinks they don't have to pay attention to customer complaints and address the service issue. It will catch up to them sooner than later, it always does.

                          1. re: goody1720

                            A lot of people either don't seem to notice or don't care about the perceived snooty attitude that others (such as myself) complain about. Personally I've been finding that with the upsurge in popularity of good beer that the "beer snob" crowd is getting to be snobbier than the "wine snob" crowd, but perhaps that's just me.

                            A lot of people seem to enjoy the food there.

                            Different strokes.

                      3. The 'hounds are after the Publick House, oh my!

                        I've Never had a problem with the staff at the Publick House, I've always found them to be pleasant and professional.

                        Most beers that I buy at the Publick House are $5, there are many, though I might accidentally buy a $7 one if it looks good and my beer goggles miss the price.

                        The food is definitely better than most beer bars but not as good as the best, an earlier thread was correct that Philly has better places.

                        It is interesting for me to read the anti-Publick House rants here, my general reaction is that people have high expectations and 'hounds are critical about food, I can't at all understand why people don't like the staff.

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                        1. re: steinpilz

                          "I can't at all understand why people don't like the staff."

                          Because more often than not (but not all of the time) when I'm there, the server acts haughty to me and/or others at my table. Perhaps they're annoyed at some of the people at my table wanting a brew that's not "good enough", perhaps they're annoyed that we drink to get drunk (but prefer to do so with good beer), I don't know and I don't really care. It has been a long while since I've seen that sort of attitude at Bukowski (Inman) and I don't see it at other places with lesser but still interesting beer selections that are in the area (and that list is ever growing).

                          Of course the *real* reason is that they always somehow seem to be out of the Westvleteren (assuming that's still on the menu!)!!!! :)

                          1. re: jgg13

                            If its true Belgium beer you are after, take the short 2 1/2 hour drive to Ebenezers in Lovell,Maine. Amazing Belgium selection , no "tude".

                            As for the Publick House, I have always had better luck bellying up to the bar rather than eating in the dining room.

                            1. re: phatchris

                              Hmmm, I'm sans car but I might just be able to set that up - thanks for the pointer.

                              I agree w/ the bar suggestion, it's just that normally when I do make it out that way it's with a large-ish group (too big for the bar, at least). Like I said, it isn't that I hate the place, it is just mildly annoying enough that I'd rather go to some places that are closer even if they're not quite as good of a selection.

                              1. re: jgg13

                                I can definitely see your point as far as proximity is concerned. I live 5 minutes away from the Publick House, probably why I venture there so often.

                                1. re: NoAddedSweetener

                                  If I time things right it takes me about 25-30 mins or so to get over there, which isn't too bad, but it takes me less than 10 to walk over to Inman Bukowski, Atwoods, Charlies ... and even less time to get to spots like Green Street. Admittedly none of them have the awesome list of the PH but they're usually "good enough" :)