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Aug 2, 2008 07:06 PM

portsmouth dining advice?

spending the weekend in Portsmouth NH and looking for good places to eat. Anything from casual but good dinner to fine dining experiences would be most helpful. Thanks.

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  1. If you have the time here are a bunch of posts for Portsmouth NH

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    1. re: hummingbird

      THANKS found that! Some down and dirty cat fights out there! Left unsure what the accurate information is out there. I guess I will just need to be ready for a bit of a crap shoot. =)

    2. start with fresh oysters and drinks at jumpin jay's at the bar, than for dinner try the Black Trumpet or the Green Monkey. I have not tried Brazo's yet (across the street from the green monkey)...same owners as the green monkey. For late night greasy snacking...a portsmouth tradition is a trailer by the parking garage, called Gilley's. stick to the hot dogs but enjoy the people watching! have a great weekend

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        I have to agree with all of your recommendations t.. I'd also throw in Friendly Toast for cheese fries late night :)

        1. re: pastryprncess

          Definitely agree with you on the Friendly toast. They have this sandwich with pickles and cheese and tomatoes. Oh my god is it to die for. My friend make me make it for them at home now.

        2. re: t..

          I've been to both Green Monkey and Brazos, on separate occasions. I like both. What I might do next time is drinks/apps at Brazos and dinner at Green Monkey -- or maybe vice-versa.

          Although I'm heading up for a show this weekend and am looking for something more casual and quick. I was thinking about the decks, if it's nice. I go to the Ferry Landing at least once a summer (order from the specials, if you go). If the weather doesn't cooperate, I might try Agave (been to the one in NBPT) or go back to Jumpin' Jays or Radici.

        3. I love the Salmon Sandwich and Curried Mussels at Portsmouth Brewery for casual.

          Lobster on the deck of the Oar House, is another favorite.