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Aug 2, 2008 06:55 PM

Looking for Great Healthy Restaurants in Edmonton

Due to new medical restrictions, I am being forced to eat pretty healthy for a few months - low fat, etc. However, being a foodie, I am looking for some tasty food. Are there any restaurants in Edmonton that you would recommend for lunch and supper as being really tasty and also healthy at the same time? It can be casual or formal with a low to midrange price point. High point places are welcome too. Also, my friend is a vegetarian so it will need to have some decent vegetarian options.

Any places around downtown Edmonton, Whyte, High Street and West Ed would be fabulous.

Any suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. The answer is Bacon on 112 Ave in the HIghlands. They are big propenents of local and healthy food. There several veggie options on the menu. It is a very small place so call ahead for a reservation and come a little early as parking can be tough as it is in a residential area. I had the roast chicken sandwich for lunch last week and thought it was great. Also the salad with apple and pecans is good too. The perogy plate is so great but probably doesn't meet your needs.

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    1. re: pengcast

      Thanks for the fantastic suggestion; the roast chicken sandwich sounds divine. I'm checking out their website right now and it sounds lovely.

      Do you have any other suggestions other than Bacon? Planning out ahead of time is great as I can check out their menus beforehand. Thanks again!

      1. re: freelancer

        Bacon is great, but I would not really consider it low fat, healthy local and great veg options yes. culina would be similar, decent vegetarian options. the problem is that restaurants use a lot of oil or butter in their cooking, that is one of the reasons it tastes so darn good. I would suggest that you ask them to cut down on this, bacon & culina should both be open to helping out. I once had a meal at culina (when it was slow) that was almost completely on my cleanse at the time. Also ask about hidden sugar & cheese.

        Cafe mosaic on whyte ave is a great vegetarian option with really good falafel. There is a new vegan restaurant downtown that you could probably search for and find, I think it is on 102nd ave & 116th st. I have not been there.

        Planet Organic & Organic Roots have some decent take away options.

        Soul Soup on Rice howard way has homemade daily soups to go or take away, they have 3 soups daily, a fish, meat and vegetarian option. you can ask for all of the ingredients listings. they are usually really health.

        I would consider sushi as a low fat alternative. Or at least a good fat alternative, just stay away from the tempura. My favorite sushi place is ichiban on 149st, by bon ton bakery.

        Any higher end place that you go to, opt for something grilled, for instance a petite filet, has very little fat. Ask for no sauces or butter, they should be fine with steaming veggies and have the rice option or a baked potato (hold the toppings). Get all salad dressings on the side or even ask for oil and vinegar. Most places should be fairly accommodating, providing it is not the busiest time.

        Some hidden sources of fat...tomato sauce at a good italian place, usually has a lot of oil, avocados, fatty fishes such as salmon (especially farmed atlanic/choose sockeye), olives, sauces & dressings, nuts & seeds.

        Good luck!

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Thanks cleopatra999! I really appreciate your detailed post; you are absolutely right in the use of butter and oil - it brings out such wonderful flavours and I am already missing it! Thanks for the suggestion on asking them to cut it down and asking them to steam things, and omitting the sauces or butter.

          I'll be hard pressed to find healthy options while at the mall but right now, I'm on a bland, chicken only diet. I'll probably take some digestive enzymes while eating out in Edmonton to help digest the fats but otherwise have to be pretty careful, at least for a few months. It's such a shame though as I miss butter, bacon, red meat and all the good stuff. I could experiment and see what I am able to eat but I'm not sure it's a good idea to experiment while visiting!

          Thanks for the great vegetarian options - my friend will be quite happy! I might give in and get some gelato too. It's not the healthiest but I love gelato far too much.

          I'll post brief reviews when I get back. It's an odd topic I've posted so I'm happy for all the help! Thank you!

          1. re: cleopatra999

            But salmon, avocados, and nuts are the good fats, right? Just like everything else, don't eat it fried and watch portion size.

            I agree with watching salad dressings too - you're better off going with a vinaigrette than a creamy dressing, and all restaurants here would give you that option.

            1. re: anonymoose

              yes, good fats, but if someone is prescribed a low/no fat diet, these usually have to be omitted too. I personally don't agree with it, but I am not an MD.

          2. re: freelancer

            padmanadi in chinatown
            way of life cafe in oliver (never been there, here it is good)
            cafe mosaic in strathcona (hit or miss in my opinion)
            sushi is always healthy-ish if you don't overeat and avoid tempura
            sunbake pita

            the best restaurants are pretty unhealthy though - but a lot of asian food might work esp. if it is low sodium and not fried.

            1. re: ihatepickyeaters

              thanks ihatepickyeaters! I really appreciate the help as well. I will look up the cafes you listed and sunbake pita!

        2. Not sure if you like Vietnamese food, but I found them quite healthy. Get a bowl of Pho with lots of bean sprouts and you're set.

          There are many good Vietnamese places around town, but I'm quite partial to Sweet Mango on Whyte Ave. 9120 82 Ave. Edmonton Tel: 780-462-8939

          They aren't the most authentic in Edmonton, but I like their atmosphere and their food offerings. Service can be lacking sometimes, but if you can overlook that it's a worthwhile healthy joint that won't break the bank. :)