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Aug 2, 2008 05:55 PM

JH Farmer's Market

I'mna try to go to the JH Greenmarket for the first time tomorrow - any tips/suggestions? There's a meat place that's supposed to be good, right?

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  1. dines farms - the meat place - hasn't shown up yet this year. but a seafood purveyor has, and i've tried their scallops (incredibly sweet and delicious) and halibut (very very good). the guy is very friendly and knowledgeable about his catch -- from off LI.

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    1. re: david sprague

      Would you happen to remember the name of the seafood purveyor? Pura Vida seems to be aggressively expanding in Manhattan. Wondering whether they're now at the Jackson Heights greenmarket.

      Regarding Dines Farms:

      1. re: MumonA

        BTW Dines Farms still has a presence in JH. Jay Dines comes to the Farm Spot CSA at St. Marks Episcopal Church at 82 Street and 34th Avenue Thursday afternoons between 5 and 8. I do not know what effect the NY Times article may have had since I went early and left quickly last Thursday, but at least until then there has been quite a line waiting to buy his stuff.

        1. re: MumonA

          wish i would have read this before heading out today -- the scallops and flounder looked great and reeled me in [groan]. if i had, i woulda written down the name.

          it's not pura vida, though...a very generic nom de poisson, iirc. i did note that they fish out of hampton bays, and even list their offerings by which boat brought them in.

          1. re: david sprague

            The seafood counter is F/V Rhonda Denise, Hampton Bays. It was very busy at 10AM. I just returned with mako, tuna & scallops. I asked if I should freeze the scallops since I wouldn't be using them until Wed. Reply: "the scalllops were chucked last night and are good refrigerated for 4 days." This was music to my ears. Went last week for the first time at 1:30 (big mistake) and all they had left was a few pieces of mako. I'm sorry that I picked up just one piece since it was truly outstanding.

            1. re: Mike V

              Hi Mike,
              When are the hours and location for the market? I would like to check it out, even though it's not exactly around the corner..but, I'll travel for great scallops anywhere!

              1. re: janie

                the market is open from 8-3 (ish) on sundays, on 34th between 77-78 streets, and a little spillover onto 78th (which is closed to traffic on sun as a children's play street).

                oh, and at the far ends, a couple olf very sweet ladies sell homemade tamales at a buck a pop.. had a couple rajas awesome breakfast!

                1. re: david sprague

                  thanks, there meter parking available there, or is it impossible to find a space on a Sunday morning?

                  1. re: janie

                    no meters, but sunday morning is generally a pretty good time to find spots--look on 79th and 80th. i'd recommend getting there before 10, both for parking and to be sure that they aren't sold out--it was very crowded at 8:15 this morning...

                2. re: janie

                  Janie, last week end the Scallops were gone by 11AM. This morning at 10AM they had everything. I plan to visit next Sunday earlier since word is spreading about this great seafood stand.

                  1. re: Mike V

                    What I found to be horrible in the JH Greenmarket, was the people who make the pastry-I believe it's called "not just rugeulah" I found the stuff to be either stale or lacking in taste. It looks good though.

                    1. re: foodforthought2

                      You're absolutely correct about Not Just Rugelah. I went yesterday and purchased stuffed pocket with spinach & mozzarella, vegetable focaccia and bran muffin. None were any good but they looked good. The couple behind the stand are Spanish so I'm wondering if Not Just Rugelah has new owners or these are employees. Anyway, I won't return to this stand.

                      1. re: Mike V

                        new owners, i believe.the guy who'd been there for years told me at the end of 2006 that he and his family were moving out of the area because his wife was having another baby and they wanted out. at the beginning of last year, he said they put off the move for a bit until his wife was
                        up to full speed physically. haven't been there for much this year. never liked the stuffed pockets to begin with -- very bland -- but the cider donuts were pretty good on sunday.

                        1. re: david sprague

                          Results of my JH Greenmarket trip:
                          I got there at 2:30, so there was slim pickings. I got 1 large beautiful red onion, four potatoes, and a stalk (?) of fresh basil. I ended up making a version of Rachael Ray's pesto smashed potatoes, except I used butter instead of stock and made my own pesto.

                          For my protein, I bought Ceriello sweet Italian sausages with fennel, potato hot dog rolls, and decided to try to make kim chee relish a la the infamous PDT Chang dog (and ended up using my greenmarket onion in it). I used Han Ah Reum kim chee and the results really hit the spot. I posted the recipe here: .

                          So pesto potatoes and kim chee sausage are a kind of random combination, but I used everything I bought, and have a new recipe out of it. I'll try to go earlier next time.

          2. re: david sprague

            The name of the fish monger at the JH Market is American Seafood. The fish and clams are really fresh. I've bought flounder, haddock, scallops and clams and everything was great. The scallops were so sweet it was almost like eating candy.

            1. re: rich3516

              I saw on the jackson heights community website where they thanked everyone for coming, sounds like a very appreciative nice company. Does anyone know how to contact them, couldn't find any listing for them. I'd like to find out if they sell anywhere else as well.