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Aug 2, 2008 04:44 PM

Traditional English Breakfast

Anyone know who is serving the Traditional English Breakfast in L.A.?????? Either just for Breakfast or all day????

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  1. The King's Head in Santa Monica serves a proper fry up, i.e. a full English Breakfast, in a pub setting. I'm not certain, but it may be avalaible all day. Also, the tea shop across the street from the King's Head(I think it is the Tudor House) now serves English Breakfast, at least weekend mornings, in a tea room setting. Both are pretty close to the real deal (though the fried bread needs work).

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      Agreed! I'm English and the King's Head is the real deal. Get the King size, it's served all day.

    2. Funny that these place are all within a block of each other, but they also serve one at Anisette that looks quite copious.

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      1. re: Chowpatty

        Agreed. :)

        BentoBoxx, FYI: Anisette's English Breakfast includes Coffee or Tea, Two Eggs Any Style, English Bacon, Sausages, Grilled Tomatoes, Fried Bread, Black Pudding, Mushrooms.


        Anisette Brasserie
        225 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401

      2. Robin Hood Pub in Sherman Oaks has an english breakfast, but I've never been there.
        It's served everyday 11am to 2pm.

        1. I'd suggest Anisette or Fox and Hounds (Studio City.)
          King's Head is awful