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KC- Which restaurants serve regular sized portions?

I know that most of us want the most bang for our buck, and the more, the better.

However, I'm looking for spots in the KC metro area or Lawrence that serve more regular portions. By that I mean they serve an amount of food one person would eat, rather than the supersized portions found at most places.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I found the portions at Jen Jen's, a Chinese restaurant at 9066 Metcalf in OP to be very reasonable.

    Jen Jen's Chinese Restaurant
    9066 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66212

    1. My husband asked if this was a trick question! ;-) A lot of times we end up sharing a dish to counteract large portion sizes. So far, we've though of Pangea, 1924 Main, and Pachamama's.

      Pangea Cafe & Market
      900 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111

      1924 Main
      1924 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

      800 New hampshire, Lawrence, KS 66047

      1. The portions at Aixois are just right. http://www.aixois.com/

        1. Andre's has a very good portion size. Don't ask about the macronutrient breakdown though. :)


          1. Bella 39 has a regular size protion menu

            1. We share sometimes, splitting a large salad and pizza at places like Spin and Pizza Bella, sometimes with leftover pizza if we're drinking beer ;) We also split the tortas at Tienda Casa Paloma, although the last one, a milanesa, was unspeakably overcooked and dry. Hope that's not the start of a trend there!

              I've heard Ingredient's portions are reasonable, but haven't been yet. One Bite bar and grill has increased their portion sizes, but they're still quite reasonable comparatively. Sushi is also a great way to portion control. You can get a nicely paced meal, just to your appetite, ordering as you go or doing omakase. I recommend Kaiyo in Leawood, and others will have good suggestions, if that appeals.

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                One Bite does have reasonable portions too, although we always order too much! I love Ingredient, but I think their portions are huge, especially their salads. In fact, we just split a salad there today for lunch.

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                    Onebite is at 133rd and Antioch in a strip behind Sam's Club.

                    Is located in Leawood in the new shopping center (I believe it is called Park Place or something like that) near Town Center Plaza off of 119th and Nall.

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                      kcbluelion--I wanted to pop in and let you know that if you haven't visited One Bite yet, you might want to soon. I was in this evening and talked with the owner. She was concerned that their business has slowed down considerably this summer, and was talking about restaurants in the area that had closed. She sounded rather discouraged, and I am concerned that it may be hard for her to keep such a special (for KC) little place like One Bite open in this challenging economy. So, if you haven't been yet, GO! The food is fantastic! I would hate to see them close.

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                        amyzan, I checked out One Bite when it was my turn to pick a restaurant for our ladies monthly dinner out and found it very noisy - music-wise. It was at lunchtime, so don't know if evening would be different. Suppose we could always ask them to turn it down a bit ... It's my turn to pick again this month and am thinking I should throw the business their way. Have you found noise to be a problem?

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                          Not amyzan, but I'm really surprised... I've never noticed a problem with the noise level. In fact, I always enjoy the music, but it's always sort of in the background. I would definitely not hesitate to ask Erica to turn it down though... she is extremely, extremely nice, and she's always asking us for feedback on what she can do better, etc. Definitely try again!

                          1. re: Katie Nell

                            I honestly wondered how they have remained in business. The food and service has always been very good, but the place has been a ghost town almost every time I have been there. There has only been 2 times I can remember seeing the place full (and it is a tiny place). I wish them the best of luck, I just wonder if they picked the best location for their food theme.

                            1. re: jm054

                              Oh, my husband and I agree about the location, unfortunately. We live right down the street so we don't want it to move on a personal level, but we think she needs to. Every Friday night that I've been there though, they've had almost all the seats full, including the bar. That might have been when they were a bit newer and a novelty to people though. I just love everything about it and I will cry if they have to close. I wear my One Bite t-shirt proudly!

                              1. re: Katie Nell

                                We were at One Bite about 3 weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon and almost every table was occupied. It was our first time there and we loved it! I would also hate to see it close. The portions were indeed just the right size and everything was delicious. Unfortunately, we live in midtown and 135th is quite a trek for us to eat there regularly. :(

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                            GiGi, I agree with Katie about asking your server about the music level. I've always found them accomodating and gracious. Most of the time they're playing contemporary popular jazz, which isn't my favorite music, to be honest. I've not found the volume to be too loud, though. Maybe they were just too preoccupied to notice the music was loud that particular day? I wouldn't feel shy asking them to turn it down. They really do seem to want their customers to have a good experience.

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                              She must change out the music a lot, because the last time I was there, there was some Marvin Gaye and Al Green, which is right up my alley!

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                                Thank you, amyzan and Katie, for your feedback. I should give them another try, especially because of the local aspect and all the glowing reviews. I know how it is to lose a favorite little local spot so maybe if we keep talking them up the word'll get around!

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                                  I just went there last night for dinner with my parents- they drove here from Topeka just to eat there, and who am I to deprive them! She let us know about the Greater KC Japan Festival at JCCC (Carlsen Center). It's on September 27th, from 10am to 8pm, $7 for adults, $4 for students and children. It looks like a lot of fun and she said they would be there with dumplings! www.gkcjapanfestival.com

                1. La Bodega, on Southwest Blvd. is a great way to go for tapas. They have happy hour until 6 on weekdays. Half off of most tapas as well as sangria and cocktails.

                  1. Just ate at Mandarinism (www.themandarinism.com) for the first time, and found the portions reasonable. We had the dumpling assortment, 9 smallish dumplings with two sauces; salt and pepper shrimp, 7 jumbo shrimp on a crunchy cold vinaigretted cabbage salad with fresh pak choi; and a mousse-y lychee panna cotta. The panna cotta was the only item that seemed too big for one. I'm looking forward to lunch, as I hear good things about their lunch combos. It's a little pricey compared to most Chinese in the area, but well worth it for the attention to the details and the restful ambience of the restaurant. It's also a little hard to find, as it faces south and is obscured by a bunch of empty retail built in front, but they're open from 11 am right through to dinner.

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                      I had lunch at Mandarnism a couple weeks ago. I ordered the braised short ribs. They were tender and flavorful, lots of ginger and five spice powder. Served with fried rice and stir fried veggies, which were peas and carrots. It was like midwest comfort food moves to Beijing, the fried rice subbing nicely for mashed potatos. Great stuff but at about 12 bucks for lunch, not cheap.