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Aug 2, 2008 04:38 PM

Chinese Breakfast that opens early?

Does anyone know of a Chinese Breakfast place (not dimsum and not in Chinatown) that opens in the morning (i.e. before 11:00am). I have called Mulan, Shangri La, Shabu Village (wrong number?), Beijing Star so far and they all open around 11:30am. Does anyone the food places in Super 88 serve breakfast?

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  1. There are no true Chinese breakfast places in Boston. The only places that open early (non-dim sum) are bakeries, and buns are also common breakfast items in Hong Kong. Some places may also offer small containers of congee or cheung fun (rice noodles) but they may not be on a menu. I sometimes find these only in Chinese.

    1. Wisteria House iat Super88 serves breakfast; large selction of Taiwanese items. They cliam to open at 8:30, but I've never been there that early

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        Thanks. I didn't want to go into Boston to eat since I'm coming in from the western suburbs amd going to the Brookline area to pick up my CSA. I'll check out Super88, Wisteria House.

        1. re: jayk

          Are you picking up from Stillman's? Clear Flour Bread is only a couple of blocks away from the Super 88.

          1. re: Allstonian

            Yup. We have being alternating between Clear Flour Bread and the Turkish Family Restaurant (can't recall exact name). Wanted to switch it up for the month of August!

        2. re: galleygirl

          It's a false claim for weekdays. One day, I went to WH for breakfast, it was around 9ish. The whole food court was locked up and dark. And, to make matters worse, the Super 88 was fairly empty because goods hadn't been stocked yet. All, in all, a bad trip for me.