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Aug 2, 2008 04:36 PM

New Spot... Bloom on Baldwin... Any Opinions?

So a new spot has opened on Baldwin called: Bloom.

Haven't tried it yet... has anyone else? Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

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  1. I was there about a month ago on a Friday night. I thought it was a cute spot and the owner seemed nice and friendly. I tried the chilled Rosy Green infused tea (which had little rosebuds in it) and a Phipps Cranberry & Coconut Lemon Bar. Both were good. But I especially liked the Tuna Onigiri made with Red Rice which I brought home. My friend had a Pomegranate Italian Soda and Phipps' Dad's Chocolate Cake. I would go back and plan to when I'm in the neighbourhood.

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    1. re: always_eating

      Love it. I'm glad that they are doing well. Very sweet and polite service. They always seem so happy to see people in their spot. No pretension and the onigiri is very delicious.

      1. re: always_eating

        Can you just get the onigiri for take out or do you have to sit to eat? I love onigiri but I would rather take a bunch home.

        1. re: canadianbeaver

          canadianbeaver - I've taken the Onigiri home. I've just told them it was "to go" and they packed it up for me.

          1. re: always_eating

            Thanks! I tried the beef bulgogi, anchovy, avocado with a kick (had no kick at all!) and pickled plum. The beef and the anchovy were good, the other two just tasted like rice. For me, none of them were worth $2.50. PAT and Sanko have better onigiri.

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              I usually stick with the Tuna (yes, I'm boring). Same with PAT's onigiri - I always get the Tuna Salad. I find I have to hit PAT at the right time to find onigiri in stock because they seem to sell them fast.

      2. Bloom Cafe is worth a visit if you are in the area and up for something tasty and healthy. Onigiri are well made (first nice surprise was that they don't have too much nori/seaweed). I enjoyed the bulgogi and the avocado, my coworkers ordered and liked the spicy tuna. All natural fresh fruit smoothies are also good. Nice that they have free wireless internet.

        Been twice now and will keep returning. Thanks for the rec always eating :)

        Bloom Cafe
        45 Baldwin St. Toronto. ON

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        1. re: JonasBrand

          I really do like this place too! I think the Onigiri lunch special is a good value (2 big Onigiri - I usually get the Tuna and Avocado - with side salad). Plus their salad is fresh, which doesn't always happen with salads...

        2. Guessing that this is no relation to Bloom on Bloor at Jane?