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Aug 2, 2008 04:23 PM

Lemon Granita... Spanish or Italian?

I was at a cooking class in Chicago last night where Lemon Granita was on the menu as a frozen dessert (I guess like sorbet consistency) and they said it was Italian. All over the Barcelona area you get Granitas in the Summer at every Bar and Gelato place and it is a drink. So what is Granita technically, is it Spanish or Italian, frozen dessert or slushy beverage?

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  1. Granita is Italian (originally Sicilian) but it has become popular internationally and is now found all over Italy and indeed all over Europe, including Britain - and probably elsewhere in the world too. It's sugar, water, and flavourings (usually fruit). It's technically, I suppose, a frozen dessert, but I guess if it melts it becomes a slushy beverage!

    1. It's called granizado de limón in Spanish. You can get lots of other granizados in Spain in the summer at chiringuitos and heladerías: granizado de horchata, de chocolate (Valor in Madrid has a good one), de café, etc.