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Aug 2, 2008 03:10 PM

Pickling Cucumbers

Anybody know a good place in L.A. to get a fresh supply of pickling cucumbers. I've shopped at various stores (Ralphs, Whole Foods, Albertsons) and found pickling cucumbers there, but generally they're too big, and often too old. Can't seem to find a reliable supply (where I can buy 15-20 lbs at a a time). Thanks for the help!

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  1. One of the Persian markets. Elat Market on Pico. Or if you're closer to Westwood, Jordan Market.

    1. I saw some at the santa monica farmers market today

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        Valley Produce in Simi Valley and Jons-also in Simi although there are different locations around

      2. Super King, on San Fernando Rd. near the 2 Fwy.

        I bought some there yesterday for 33 cents/lb. and they were fresh and crisp. Actually all their produce is very fresh because everything moves so fast. I've never seen a busier produce section in any supermarket.

        1. I second the super king rec. They have perfect cucumbers for pickling they also have persian cucumbers in a separate section more towards the entrance so make sure you look towards the back where they have the pickling cucumbers. good luck.

          1. After searching several supermarkets and produce sellers, I finally found pickling cukes at Gelson's in Encino, $1.99 a pound. I imagine the other locations sell them also.