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Aug 2, 2008 01:43 PM

Best for single dining, < $40 lunch?

Hi all!

After having spent the summer working in the city, I will soon have one last week for a dining free-for-all. Since my SO isn't necessarily as much of a crazed eater as I am, I'm looking for suggestions for where a single diner can get a great lunch in the city, hopefully not setting me back any more than $40 a pop (prix-fixe or a la carte, doesn't matter). I'm tentatively thinking of checking out one of David Chang's joints (after having spent three months clicking my mouse at 10am, IN VAIN!), but that's hardly set in stone. I like all kinds of food, but may be more partial to Western cuisine for this particular week.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks!

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  1. Lunch an jean georges might end up being a little more but boy is it worth it.

    Katz's deli - or even do the RGR LES tour.

    Either momofuku noodle or ssam - pork buns especially...

    1. Some steals for Lunch are:

      Fleur de Sel always has an affordable lunch option
      so does Gotham Bar and Grill
      and so does Jean Georges! (which somebody already mentioned)
      Sushi Yasuda as well (a real steal too!!!)
      Bouley used to do a $39 for course lunch, I wonder if they still do that.. hmm...
      and Bread Bar at Tabla.

      That's a pretty good list my friend.

      1. If you're also talking about weekends, I highly recommend Perry Street for brunch (not necessarily brunch items). Three courses for $24. While the food is not as refined as Jean-Georges, it's a great way to taste his type of food at a really low price.

        1. Jean Georges is really a great deal.

          If I had a week off work, I would also hit places that are usually packed during peak dining hours for leisurely lunches, for example momofuku ssam, lupa, spotted pig etc

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          1. re: xigua

            My thoughts exactly! I'm definitely going to hit up one of the Momofukus, mostly to see what all the fuss is about :)

            Keep the suggestions coming! I can already tell that I'm going to have a GREAT week.

          2. CRAFT - at the bar (not CraftBar though!)
            Anything Jean Georges, preferably THE Jean Georges