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Aug 2, 2008 01:33 PM

Vegas: Smith & Wollensky or Craftsteak


I'm having dinner with family tomorrow night. Between Smith & Wolleksy and Craftsteak, which one would you pick? I had a great experience at the Smith & Wollensky in Chicago. How does the Smith & Wollensky in Vegas compare? I've also noticed that there's a summer special at Craftsteak which might be easier on the wallet.

I'm tempted to try SW, but they only have a really early reservation and they don't even allow sneakers in the restaurant. I understand no shorts or flip flops, but even sneakers?


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  1. I'd recommend Craftsteak. IMO, it's significantly better than S&W which is not a dig at them. I have enjoyed meals there in NYC & Chicago. But, I consider them more of a chain and Craftsteak more of a unique entity, in spite of it's NY roots. By the way, I consider the original Craft as one of my all time favorites.

    As far as the sneakers, good for them! I have no problem with restaurants trying to impose a little propriety on their potential customers.

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      Thanks for the suggestion! I think we'll try out Craftsteak.

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        Craftsteak is offering a $60 fixed-price special this summer, but the whole table is expected to order it. It's served family style, and the entrees include wagyu beef, roast chicken, and scallops. The stars of the meal, for me, were the quail appetizer and the roasted sweetcorn side dish. Desserts were exceptionally good, too.

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        When is a chain a chain? Does Craftsteaks 3 locations make it a "Boutique" eatery vs Wollensky's 9 "chain" locations? I have opined many of times about the quality of beef in Las Vegas. And while I tend to agree w/staying away from "chain" types of locations, I believe that steak joints have a little more wiggle room here. The quality of beef and how they are aged are a better indicator of how a steak is defined (preperation is obv key, but that is true w/any type of restaurant.) IMHO. I have had a great steak @ Capital Grill in Las Vegas only to be disappointed at their other locations. Smith and Wollensky in NYC has "The Grill" and I think it consistantly is one of the best in the city yet eating in the regular restaurant seems to disappoint more than it pleases (and I think I am in the majority there). Sorry for sounding like I am running in cricles but I would tend to throw the chain comparison out the window when comparing steaks and go w/where people have had the best experiences. My 2 cents on steaks in LV...Prime (when $ doesnt matter), Capital Grill, and the Steak House in Circus Circus. However, I will say that I have yet to have a steak in Las Vegas that approaches the quality of a Prime Dry Aged steak that you can regularly get in several steak houses in NYC (Wollenskys Grill, Lugers, Wolfgangs, Strip House...and so on). We are planning on going to CUT in September based on the great reviews so far. Any suggestions?

        And for the record, I had a HORRIBLE experience @ Wollensky's shortly after it opened in its Las Vegas location. Was a long long time ago and have to cut it some slack as we went for lunch and I had Prime Rib, a certin no no. Maybe it is time for a re-visit.

      3. I haven't tried Craftsteak but we had a terrible experience at Smith & Wollensky. The food was marginal at best and the service was atrocious. Too many good steakhouses in Vegas. The Craftsteak special looks good for the price.