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Aug 2, 2008 12:58 PM

ask aida = adam gertler's next foodnetwork show?

just saw the new ask aida. . . i liked it. but wasn't this the same show they made adam gertler plug in the next foodnetwork star finale? the user questions - internet interactive feature. . . did they know he was going to lose and so they just copied an upcoming show to plug it? it's really strange to me.

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  1. I was thinking the same thing. Which came first? If they already had Aida in the can, why would they have Adam Gertler make the same show. If they didn't have it done already, did they snatch the idea from him?
    I thought the show was pretty good, if not a little choppy in the transitions. It seemed that she would be answering someone's question, and then just move onto the next thing without any kind of wrap up comment. The food was very simple, but I could see myself making the meal for my family. I do think the marinade for the beef looked a little bland and oily, and I would have peeled the garlic The salad looked tasty and the grilled veggies nice, and the sour cream sauce for the veggies would probably be tasty on the steak. I'll watch again.

    1. I think the format for Adam's pilot was an arbitrary vehicle to test his tele-worthiness. Though Adam presented the idea, we don't know how much Gordon Elliot was already thinking about the idea. In any case, it's not totally original and Adam can't claim to own it. Guy Fiery is doing stuff on Food TV that was never discussed during his competition process, ie the contest is about selecting talent and then customizing shows for them later. Anything in the contest is artefactual.

      Also, maybe FoodStar4 validated the concept of the internet interactive show and they felt Aida was a better host for it, while they didn't have another unique angle on the channel for for Adam. (While for Aaron, they have something else specific in mind for him.)

      1. I would love to know the timeline of how her program vs Adams idea was developed...

        Just like I would like to know if Simply Delicioso was in the works before or after JAG lost on TNFNS, and his comments about the lack of Latino cooking on FN. (and I would much preferred to watch him, someone with obvious chef skills, cooking Latino cuisine)