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Aug 2, 2008 12:43 PM

Little India

Other than the store bought sauces that I've made at home, I've never been to an Indian Restaurant until my coworkers went to Chauhan a few weeks ago. I thought it was very good, but don't have anything else to compare it to.

I hear that Little India has a lunch buffet M-F. The only time I'd make it there would be a day off or on vacation, so I'm going to give it a try this Monday.

Can anyone tell me what is on their lunch buffet? Also, if you ever drove down, are there plenty of parking spots nearby? I'm coming from Scarborough.

Thanks fellow Chows!

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  1. Their butter chicken is amazing..!! Aside from that, everything else is okay and the standard fare you get at any other Indian buffet. When I go I usually just fill my plate with the butter chicken, mango salad, rice, naan, and veggie pakora topped with some of the tangy red sauce from the salad table.
    I didn't know their lunch buffet only runs Monday to Friday because I swear I've been there on a weekend..

    Oh yeah.. regarding parking, you could park on Queen street if you can find a spot.. but there are at least two parking lots within walking distance of the restaurant

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      You are right!!!!! I just called them. I read here that it was only M-F - wrong info!! I just had a huge breakfast, thinking the only chance we'd get to go was on Civic Monday - too bad :(

      It is 10.95 - 7 days a week. Oh well, there's always next week.


      1. re: hippotatomus

        Thanks again for your feedback hippotatomus, we just got back!! Here's our review:

        (Yes, we drove from Scarborough) and it was delicious! We will definitely be regulars and since we liked the food so much, we don't mind the drive.

        My first experience with Indian food was at Chauhan's. Since it was my first time, I had nothing to compare it to. I found the place was very dark, couldn't even see what I was eating, service was not that great and the curries were very oily. The naan and samosas were indeed very addictive and good though.

        Little India was small, but very bright, nicely decorated and extremely clean!! By 12 pm, the place was full. The washrooms were clean and both men/women's were attended to in the hour and a half we were there.

        Food was hot, fresh, flavors were great. Not as large a selection as Chauhan's, but I'd have to say the food was better! The curried chickpeas was the spicest of the curries. The naan was very thin and flaky, unlike the naan at Chauhan's which was thicker (but admitedly, better in my opinion). The curry chicken was our favorite. The butter chicken was very good, but a bit too sweet, again, our opinion. Curry beef was a bit chewy, but still very tasty!

        The buffet was replenished quickly, service was efficient and courteous.

        There was also a nice mango salad, the coleslaw was too sweet for me. The desserts were much better than at Chauhan's with mango and strawberry ice-cream, rice pudding, custard, fresh fruits and gulab jamun. Funny thing is that I tried that for the first time at Chauhan's and did not care for it. I passed on it at Little India, and thought, hmmm, I should try it again, maybe theirs will taste different? I'm glad I didn't give up, they were much better at Little India, but still super sweet (sorry, I keep saying this and that is too sweet, just realized that, but trying to give an honest review and opinion).

        We'll definitely be back!

        Little India
        255 Queen Street West

        Lunch buffet is 7 days a week (not Monday to Friday as I was told here, and therefore thought I'd never get the chance to go) $10.95

        P.S. We found parking on St. Patrick Street - $2.50/hour

        1. re: red dragon

          I also found LIttle India to be "over the top" too condimented. I mean I LOVE m indian food but this took the cake. I was spaced out for about 5 hours after. TOO MUCH is Too much!

      2. I have to disagree with hippotatomus that the rest is just okay. Everything there is great, especially the butter chicken, the best ever made. I almost want to ask them for the recipe, but it would probably mean they would have to kill me after they told me, as not to release their secrets.

        Their lunch buffet runs 7 days a week, at least it does now, but I've been going there for a while and it never ran only 5 days.

        I saw two guys in there who looked like they were going to pass out, they probably ate like 4 plates, it is that good.