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Aug 2, 2008 12:01 PM

New Tutto Italiano to open in Chestnut Hill

So while shopping at the Hancock Village at Chestnut Hill strip mall, I noticed a sign in the window of Gary's Liquors stating that they are expanding, and a new branch of Tutto Italiano will be there. Not sure if it will have its own storefront or will be located inside the liquor store. Either way, this could be good news! The sign mentions that they expect to be open in October. Does anyone else have more details?

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  1. I wasn't exactly sure where this was, and quite by mistake I ran across directions on another site. Here's how to get there:

    From Downtown Boston:
    Take Rte. 9 to Lee Street. Turn left onto Lee Street. Drive straight, passing the rotary and road changes to Clyde Street. At traffic light (Allendale Farm will be in front of you), turn right onto Newton Street and merge into left-hand lane. At Exxon Gas Station, bear left onto Grove Street; go straight. At the rotary, take second exit and continue straight on Grove Street. The road will change to Independence Drive at the traffic lights. We are located at 224 Independence Drive. Look for the sign for Hancock Village townhouse on your left.

      1. That is good news... for those who haven't been, the Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park is insanely good... and don't be scared by the bizarrely complicated directions below: this location is on the VFW parkway. Thanks to Gary for making this move.

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        1. Hi everyone, I just came across this posting. Tutto Italiano will be located in side our soon to be expanded store. We are actually moving our entrance over so that you will be entering the store on the side Tutto Italiano will be located. Demolition inside the new space is scheduled to start on August 4th. We hope to be done in October. I will be posting updates on our web site on the what's hot page. There is a page to click on for directions, and a link to give point to point driving directions. If anyone has questions you can email me directly at . Thank you.

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            So ya know, I asked the cashier at Tutto Italiano in Hyde Park about their upcoming move...she told me that it wasn't happening and, in her words, "Nothing was ever signed." I expressed my deep regret (I live a lot closer to Gary's Liquors than HP) but she seemed quite certain that the deal is over. Sorry to bear the news, 'hounds.

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              Is this the same Tutto Italiano as is in Lexington Center? Oh, I see that it is. Nice little shop.

          2. I love that place! That's great news and I will look forward to it's arrival.

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              macadamianut, I don't know if you read my post of 9/22 but apparently TI is NOT going into the Gary's LIquor's space at all. Bummer, I know.