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What is new on the east side? Dinner for 6 tonight...

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and my husband wants something new.

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  1. Not knowing what is new to your hubby, what about?


    1. Haven't been there yet, but Elf on Sunset in Echo Park looks really good. It's vegan/vegetarian, but the food looks delicious (and I'm a carnivore!!) No reservations, BYOB, five dollar corkage.

      1. Palate Food and Wine!

        Exceptional food and service (though the large grape statues are a little odd). In Glendale. Many posts about this place over the last month or so... Best meal we've had out in quite some time. Highly recommended (you'll need reservations).


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          Palate is high near the top of my to-do list! When I get back in town next weekend, I may have to hit it! Thanks!