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Aug 2, 2008 11:35 AM

Tsukiji Guide?

First -- While this relates to food, it also relates to food tourism/travel - so if I should remove the post, as it isn't meant for these boards, please let me know.

I have been to Tsukiji once, on my own - took the subway and walked all around and took myself for sushi breakfast. I'm taking my husband to Japan in early Sept (his first time) and I want us to go to the market. I'm wondering if anyone has ever been toured through the market with a guide and whether this really added to the experience? It is such an incredible and busy place and there are so many fish to see -- that I imagine I would benefit a lot from having someone familiar with market explain how the market operates (fish in/fish out, processing, volume, distribution, etc.) and provide some more detailed information about the types of fish (and fish parts!) that abound. I'd also like to know if anyone knows how to get to the not-open-to-the-public tuna auction that I've seen on some of the foodie TV programs - is there a way to do it through a guide?

Has anyone ever toured the market with someone knowledgable and if so -- where did you find that person?

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  1. If you google for "tsukiji tours" there are several links that come up for guided tours offered by companies in Tokyo. I haven't gone on any of them, in fact I end up being the tour guide when I have coworkers or friends in town (however my knowledge of fish is mediocre at best) so I can't vouch for any of them. These are typically group tours, but I would imagine that if the price is right some of them would do a private tour.