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Haves and Have Nots at Fraiche

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All thoughts appreciated, thanks in advance

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  1. have only been for lunch:

    burrata app was delicious. wonderful heirloom tomatoes, the burrata was soft and creamy/slightly sweet and just so tasty. it was topped with a bit of balsamic that contrasted greatly with the sweet and there was a sprinkle of kosher salt that added a nice punch.

    the mushroom salad looked good - but i did not taste.

    the branzino entree was really boring. the fish was cooked quite well - but the veggies it sat on were oily and just overall lacking flavor. this was a disappointment.

    the day i was there i had a lamb sausage or meatball sandwich which was just amazing! the lamb was ground and mixed with a number of herbs and was really flavorful, savory, and delicious. it was served on a baguette which usually i do not like -- b/c it's too tough. but they spread each side with some sort of sauce -- maybe the oil from the pan they cooked the lamb in which softened the bread and made the constrast b/w slightly substantial baguette and soft middle and the lamb great. this was served with a side salad that did not taste much like anything to me other than olive oil.

    the chocolate pot of creme for dessert is out of this world. it's like a bowl of chocolate whipped cream with whipped cream. it's yummy.

    i'm looking forward to visiting again.

    1. tĂȘte de veau persillade

      1. if you're drinking, try one of their signature cocktails - they are usually seasonal and very well made

        1. The eel salad or whatever its fresh seafood derivative is, farro salad, any of the charcuterie, steak frites. I was not blown away by the passatelli in brodo, but several of the other pastas looked great.

          1. Only been once...about six months ago. Service was terrible. Attitude over-the-top. Food very mediocre. Nothing especially good. Can't understand why this place has had good reviews. Our experience was such that we will not return unless somehow convinced that our evening here was an oddity.

            1. We went with a friend who is acquainted with the Exec Chef. He recommended the beef tartare and boudin noir. I couldn't get buy-in from the rest of our small party on the tartare, so we only had the blood sausage, which was light, crumbly and delicious.

              When I read the description of the monkfish entree, it was the dish that sounded the least interesting to me (fish accompanied by sauteed spinach and pureed potatoes). However, it was also recommended by the chef, so I ordered it. While the fish had good texture, the dish overall was boring. While I appreciate simple preparation and allowing ingredients to speak for themselves, it's a bit disppointing to feel like I could have made the same thing at home in 30 minutes without much thought.

              The other entrees of lamb/gnocchi and ravioli were pretty good though. The grape cocktail I had was refreshing and not overly sweet. Service was friendly but our waiter seemed distracted and kept forgetting things.

              I think of Fraiche as a good neighborhood restaurant, although the raves would lead one to think that it's more of a destination. We live on the Eastside, and unless we were on the Westside meeting friends, it's doubtful that we would venture there again.

              1. I love their steak tartare.
                Rigatoni with lamb bolognese is delicious (might be bar menu only)

                1. Oxtail parpadelle was delish! Homemade pasta. I also liked the steak tartar and the burrata/beet salad. I had a really good rabbit/nettle pasta a few months back but I think its off the menu. You probably can't go wrong with their pasta dishes. I had a soup once that was not good, I don't think soups are their strongsuit. Also wasn't wild about the orange/chocolate cake. The flavors didn't match.

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                    Ok we went:

                    Mushroom salad-hands down the best dish, terrific!
                    Beet salad with homemade ricotta-wonderful as well
                    ravioli stuffed with peas, cheese?-wonderful,subtle flavors
                    Monkfish-sort of a letdown, just not memorable at all
                    Peach Brown Betty-only ok

                    Nothing was oversalted

                    Our service was fine. I would definitely go again.