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Aug 2, 2008 09:45 AM

Moscow and St. Petersburg

I'll be going to Moscow and St. Petersburg for the first time in September. Any restaurant/bar/cafe recommendations would be most welcome.

Looking for authentic Russian/Georgian or other regional cuisine. Could do one or two expensive restaurants, other than that, looking for moderately priced places.



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  1. i personally love Cafe Pushkin in Moscow - it is just off Pushkin square and on the other side of the blvrd from McDonalds - it is a pink building. Go upstairs rather than downstairs - set up like a library - lovely. Food is great - make sure to have some pierozhki!

    As for Georgian - I love Tiflis - not far from Park Cultury metro (Ostozhenka ul., 32, Tiflis restaurant Metro: Park Kultury Tel: 650-9920


    Be prepared tho, Moscow is pretty expensive...

    1. The Tinkoff Brewery, near St. Isaac's, used to be a good place for roast chicken, beer, and sushi...

      1. a little gem from my childhood. On the way between the two cities, before novgorod, there's a small cottage restaurant. They simply have the most amazing food. Till this day, over 15 years later, I'm still craving the food they serve there. Everytime I go home, I simply have to make that trip. I know the location isn't as helpful as it could be but...there are only a few restaurants along the way. Just look for the signs. Used to the the TV tower restaurant was fantastic, but is not any longer.