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Aug 2, 2008 08:19 AM

Need a good coffee house and lunch spot for Sunday

Visiting Downtown Seattle for the first time - need a good lunch spot, cafe and coffee house recommendation. Thanks!

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  1. As a great man once almost said "It depends on what the meaning of 'good' is."
    For myself (and only myself, as there are a plethora of 'good' coffees in Seattle), I look for cafes with the fool logo of Caffe Vita (google it for their very own outlets), but they sell to many fine establishments. About 30, or is it 50 "good lunch spots" can be found in the Pike Place Market (do not call it "Pike's Market," please). They tend to be hyper-casual (e.g Jack's Fish Spot, Uli's, Market Grill, World Class Chili, Mee Sum Pastry, El Puerco Lloron - to name just a few), but do not let your eye confuse you, much is real chow). There are several more high-tone spots, too (Campagne, Etta's, Maximilien; the list goes on).
    For myself, I lunch often at Salumi, where I forego the fabulous salumi sandwiches and take pot-luck from the rustic kitchen specials. The food is nearly as delicious as the people at the common-table that holds the end of the room, and it's all good.