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Aug 2, 2008 08:16 AM

Staub Country Casserole

These are on sale at Amazon. Different look and a lot cheaper than the Cocotte models. Are they made in China?

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  1. All Staub is made in France. They are cheaper as they are a discontinued item. BTW, they are all the same size although some say they are 6.5QT. This pot is the same pot as the one with the fish on top which is a current item. Williams Sonoma was selling those out for $39.99 not too long ago in blue with the fish knob. I would grab one for this price. It's a great piece, although there's not much bottom area before it curves up.

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    1. re: blondelle

      I ordered what is supposed to be a 6.5-quarter Staub Country Casserole in graphite color for $69.99. When I ordered, Amazon indicated the item would be in stock Aug. 13. The items expected must have sold out quickly because the pot is now only available from another seller. I'm going to be really ticked if they don't fulfill my order.

      1. re: rainman14624

        Staub just made one size of these and it was about 5 qts. Don't expect it to be 6.5 qts. I don't know why Amazon has it listed as such. Strange!