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Looking for good but not pricey pasta

Have a craving for some good, yummy but cheap pasta today.
Prefereably someplace below 23rd Street.
Any suggestions?

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  1. What's your definition of "cheap"? If you can provide a price range, that will be helpful.

    Some came to mind are Malatesta (great), Via Emilia (great), Cacio e Pepe (solid), Max (solid and really cheap), Da Andrea (good). I heard Barbuto has a pasta tasting for $35 as well.

    Actually if just pasta, Lupa isn't that expensive either.

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      The cacio e pepe at Lupa is truly phenomenal.

    2. Malatesta is awesome (christopher and washington)! Il Corallo Trattoria (on prince near thompson) is great.

      1. Le Zie comes to mind for very good, very inexpensive pasta in that area (20th and 7th).

        1. Haven't been in a few years, but Gnocco on E 10th was good and inexpensive.

          1. Caffe Emilia (Yes, Cafe with 2 "fs,") on Second Ave. near 9th St. was really good the one night I was there... I am still dreaming about the lasagna my neigbor was eating, and I'm planning to go back for it. I had the scrambled eggs with mozzarella and grape tomatoes on grilled bread, yummy! A cute East Village hole in the wall, as authentic as it gets outside of Italy for the typical, owner-run place to get a nice bite.

            Here's a link to the menu, I think the pastas were specials the night I went, but very cheap. Good food & friendly service.

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              Oh City Kid,

              I love that place for sandwiches and grilled bread. I have never tried their pasta though (Not usually there at night). Perhaps I should give it a try.

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                They definitely looked worth trying, and got good reviews. They also had a ziti with some sort of spicy tomato sauce. This place is a real find for Italian comfort food.

              1. Second some of those already mentioned - Via Emilia, Malatesta, Da Andrea, and def. Il Corallo Trattoria. Also, Piadina.

                1. I second Cacio e Pepe. The pasta is delicious...especially the Tonnarelli Cacio E Pepe, tossed with Romano cheese at tableside in a cheese bowl

                    1. Lamarca on 22nd and 3rd. All entrees are $15 or $16 and they use fresh, home-made pasta and cheese (from the pasta/cheese shop they run next door). I believe they are only open during the week, not weekends.

                      1. Basta Pasta on 17th btwn 5th and 6th Ave - may not necessarily be a traditional Italian, but their pasta is good and the price is in the teens.

                        I recommend the Spaghetti with parmesan reggiano cheese & Parma prosciutto where they finish the boiled pasta in a wheel of parmesan cheese right by your table.

                        if you are bit more adventurous, Linguine with sea urchin & basil in pink sauce is my favorite.

                          1. I second Via Emilia and Basta Pasta. Via Emilia is cash-only FYI.