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Aug 2, 2008 07:54 AM

post order etiquette

I recently visited a small cafe on Broad Street in Red Bank for lunch and blithely ordered an omelette, bacon and juice to go. It was bad enough that the omelette was overcooked and undersized and the bacon limp and dripping with grease but imagine my shock when I was handed a check for $17! I've eaten breakfast/brunch omelettes (which also included fruit, home fries and a bloody mary or mimosa) in fine establishments across the country for half this price! OK...I may be guilty of not establishing the price up front, but as the omelette special of the day was less than $10 (not the particular one I ordered...don't like broccoli!) I assumed it would be in the same price range. My question is this...aside from bellowing "$17 dollars for an omelette!" what should I have done? Maybe the fact that there were only 4 patrons in the cafe at high noon should have told me something! Avoid this place...they are desperate for business and, in order to make up for such a small clientle will overcharge the ones they have.

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  1. Ummm...If you want people to avoid this place, it might be a good idea to identify it more specifically than by referring to it as "a small cafe on Broad Street in Red Bank". Could you narrow it down a bit for us, perhaps by providing the name of the establishment?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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      Well I don't live in Red Bank, but this is the kind of info that is really useful to other chowhounds. Please do share the restaurant name. And, $17 is pretty outrageous for the type of breakfast you were served.

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          I once tried East Side Cafe for breakfast. Bacon and eggs were just OK. I remember being shocked at the high price.
          My theory is that they are the only sit-down breakfast-lunch place within a short walk of several business, residential neighborhood, and a bunch of churches. I think they have a customer base that are willing to patronize them for the convenience. I'll bet the place is packed after church on Sundays.

      1. Unless the menu is delivered without prices, the customer is fully in charge of what s/he orders and the the price.

        But in this case Jfood is more confused. If the special omelette is $9.95 let's assume the regular is $8.95 (since no mention of what extra ingredients OP may have added), then a side of bacon is probably $3-4 and a glass of juice is probably $3. Plus tax and you sum to ~$17.


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          I am with jfood on this....but I would have said the "special" might be a dollar less than normal 1-2 filling omelet. Then you added a side, the bacon...and the beverage, the juice. Adds up about right to me.

          And if you ordered sans menu, and did not even bother to look what an omlette costs, as well as the side and beverage, who's fault is that?