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Aug 2, 2008 07:53 AM

Romantic, not-too-formal, mid-priced suggestions in East Village, Lower East Side, and Chelsea

Looking for romantic lunch and dinner spots in East Village, LES, Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, and near Central Park. I noticed a bunch of Italian suggestions in East Village.....Cacio e Pepe, etc. I am especially interested in French, Japanese, Asian fusion, Thai foods. It is all about the food!

Any suggestions in these neighbourhoods? Boyfriend coming to town for 10 days.

After a great RW dinner experience at Nougatine, may try that for lunch now. :)

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  1. I like Allen and Delancey - cozy and a bit dark. It's semi contemporary French, and the food is delicious.

    For Italian, you can try Apizz. The place is romantic, food is solid, though I think A&D is superior in food.

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      A&D also has a strong British former-NYC-dwelling friends who were visiting from London went to A&D and said that while it was very romantic, they recognized the style as very British (too many familiar British veggies, apparently).

    2. Check out Dieci on 10th between 1st & 2nd Avenue. It's a Japanese-style Italian "tapas" place. half of the menu is split between small plates and the other half has more traditional "primi" and "secondi" set up. Probably about 20 - 30 seats, it has a reasonably priced wine list.

      1. Heard good things about 26 Seats.

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        1. For lunch, try Kasadela, a Japanese tapas place on 11th near C. The grilled beef with apples is served cold and is perfect for a hot day. I'll also second the Apizz reco above as extremely romantic (even though I think you're not looking for Italian). And re 26 seats, when my wife and I walked by the other night, the smell coming out of there was so good that both of us spontaneously turned and peeked in...even though we had already eaten.

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            Ooooh, Kasadela sounds yummy and totally what I'm interested in. 26 seats also looks delicious and prices very reasonable on menupages.

            Any other suggestions from Chelsea, midtown, to Hells Kitchen?

            Thanks a lot!

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              Le Singe Vert in Chelsea, or Le Zie. Food at the latter is phenomenal; the former is more romantic.

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                I don't find Le Singe Vert romantic. Le Zie is good for the neighborhood, but not "phenomenal."
                Try Tia Pol, Casellula.

          2. Well this is Italian, but I'd suggest La Lanterna Caffe in the West Village. They have a garden in the back where you can sit and it is definitely romantic, especially when it gets darker. The food is pretty good too and the prices are quite reasonable.