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Aug 2, 2008 07:14 AM

TJ's Mini Croissants

Tried the frozen mini croissants from Trader Joes this morning. You just put them out on a cookie sheet over night to "proof" and then cook them in a 350 oven for 15 - 20 minutes the next moring. They come 8 to a package and while I did thaw and cook all 8, it looked like it would be easy to just unpack 2 or as few as you wanted and put the rest back in the freezer for later use. My wife and I found them to be flaky and have true croissant taste.

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  1. have you tried the chocolate ones yet? Same flakey goodness in a fullsize croissant, with chocolate. Next, the pecan sticky buns...

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    1. re: coney with everything

      I wrote about these on my blog lol. I LOVE these. It is so hard to find good croissants made with real butter. The ingredients list is really primo. I love the size, too. They actually remind me of real croissants you'd find in France or Belgium. This is probably the best TJs item hands down I've ever bought.

    2. You should also check out the Chocolate Croissants too. 4 to a box, so good! (wish they would make a mini version of them, I would feel less guilty).

      I just bought a box of the Canneles de Bordeaux from TJ, also excellent. It just needs defrost for 20 min or warmed up in microwave for 20 seconds.

      Looks like all 3 are made by Galaxy Desserts.

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      1. re: gnomatic

        I wish that I could love the Canneles - just found them today and didn't realized that TJ was carrying them. I absolutely Canneles and had high hopes when I opened the package. They are lovely to look at... I followed the directions for nuking because I didn't want to wait the 20 min :-) They did not live up to my expectations unfortunately. They were too wet and soggy and too sweet as well. Granted, they will satisfy a craving for Canneles which are a fairly scarce commodity in my area (a few bakeries do make them within a 5 mile area of my home in the San Francisco Bay Area, but they haven't been all that good either...) Price: $4.99 for 6 - this is a bargain price - bakeries in my nabe get as much as $3.50 for one...

        1. re: RWCFoodie

          Loved the Canneles!! I put them on counter top for about 10 minutes and enjoyed!! Thawed fast enough that I did not use microwave!! Heavenly!!

          1. re: marti

            Marti, I will try thawing them and see if they're better....