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Aug 2, 2008 06:29 AM

indigo landing -- help, i need another place to eat outside

we went to indigo landing last night. the atmosphere was lovely, our server was attentive and friendly, our appetizers were fine but my god....the entrees are horrible! like airplane food, but with larger portions. although i've had airplane food that was hotter (both our entrees arrived cold). Quite confident that neither the salmon nor shrimp were fresh, which not even the massive amounts of glutinous "glaze" on top could hide. and the vegetable medley reminded me of the school lunch plan.

Such a disappointment, because it's such a pleasant place to sit. I hope the chef or owner can wise up and realize that the food is not going to make anyone come back. Anyone have other favorites for al fresco? Prefer some place that's not a mob scene.

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  1. I think the Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle has one of the nicest out door dining areas in DC. The word I always use to describe it is "enchanting." Plus the food (including the salmon, which I had the last time I was there), is good. Make sure to request the outdoor courtyard when you make your reservation though.

    1. It's more of an urban experience, but the Pennsylvania Avenue seating at Cafe du Parc is spectacular when the weather's nice.

      1. Tom S. of the WaPo called it cafeteria food! Ouch! Sounds like you had the same experience.
        Go to Old Town where most of the restos have outdoor seating. The most beautiful are at Taverna Cretekou and Le Gaulois. Just gorgeous.

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          years ago, we loved le gaulois. since it was sold 2-3 years ago, it has really gone downhill, imo. the patio is lovely though.