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Jae's Spice in Pittsfield...has anyone been?

Just saw the "grand opening" article in the Eagle the other day and was hoping to get some feedback from other chowfolks.......

Anyone been yet?

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  1. No, but they've closed the Jae's in Williamstown, which is a bummer.

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    1. re: dukegirl

      I'm really confused.
      Do you know whether Jae's Inn of North Adams is serving food to the general public?


      1. re: Harp00n

        According to the website, the North Adams Inn is still serving food, I think.

        But, the Williamstown location is closed.

        1. re: Harp00n

          I believe they're renovating the North Adams space and intend to reopen Jae's there, along with the Pittsfield venue.

      2. We were there on Sunday night and found the fusion dishes disappointing. Thought that the stir-fried chicken dishes were mushy and did not have interreting flavoring.

        The sashimi was perfect and the sea bass excellent. We recommend staying with the fish dishes.

        1. We just went to Jae's Spice last Saturday and it was a lot of fun. The food was good and the atmosphere fantastic.
          Check out the 5 minute video we took of the place and our meal at www.berkshiresnow.com/jaesspice.htm
          We definitely recommend it.

          1. went there last night, everything about the place was very good,food was excellent,service great without being intrusive, then the bill arrived,. I don't normally "nickel and dime", but $3.00 for 2 glasses of Pittsfield tap water spoiled what for me was a perfect experience, so if you go ask them if they charge for tap water, yes I understand charging for a glass of sparkling but tap water........ Tut Tut Jaes!!

            1. The menu is very good. I loved the cretive rolls that they have and the fact that you can get anything from a flatbread to thai food. The service was good too. One big change that will probably make me to not come back their again is their management's attitude to the customers. We came in and wanted to sit at the lounge on a couch and at 8:45 on a Thursday night were told that they have closed that part for service although there was another party sitting there and the restaurant was still pretty full. Then, the same, night, after we had a pretty good dinner totalling at over $100.00 for two, as soon as we were done with all our food, but have not finished our drinks yet, around 10 PM the manager came up to us and asked us to get up from our table and move to the bar "because he wanted to clean up and let the busser go home"... That was a first for me, really rude! I mean c'mon! They already went bankrupt once, you'd think they'd want to sort of hold on to customers...

              1. Went to Jaes Spice with another couple. We tried 4 different items with appetizer. Shrimp Spring Roll, was mostly dough,any shrimp was non-existent. Dinners arrived in relative short time, leading me to believe this is a fancy run of the mill chinese restaurant.
                One dinner was cold, 2 others were luke warm. Prices for dinners were overpriced for the quality. Server was attentive,maybe too attentive, constantly hovered.
                Drinks were overpriced. Noise level for a supposed upscale place was noisy to say the least.
                We will never go back, I have my doubts if they will be open by summer.

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                1. re: LJSKI

                  Not our experience at all. We've been a number of times this fall. They got a rocky start in the summer, but got it together later on. I should say we don't go out to eat on Saturday nights; it's the roughest night for anywhere, and we've got the leisure to go when it's not so crowded. (I'd bet unfavorable comments are most frequent on Fri or Sat nights.) I do like it best at lunch, it's uncrowded, pretty surroundings, reasonably priced esp. for the bento box lunches, and we can spend time just being relaxed. Lots of food in the bento boxes, too. Hey, it isn't Wheatleigh, but it isn't priced like Wheatleigh either.
                  In my book, "fancy, a little above run of the mill, Asian fusion" is good enough! Especially in the Berkshires.

                  1. re: LJSKI

                    I just returned from lunch at Jaes Spice about an hour ago. Had avoided it as I'd been given two bad reviews by friends (one is a vegan) whose favorite restaurant was Jaes in North Adams.
                    In a word, lunch was disappointing. I had a lunch box of spicy pork, for $9.95. Nice presentation, odd to interesting mix of lukewarm and cold foods. The pork was tough and anything but spicy. As a matter of fact, the spiciest item was a cold veggie (we think sliced mushrooms, maybe portabellas --the waiter said it was "some vegetable") in an Asian chili sauce. Friend had their pad thai, which was pretty good, and consistent with the other Jaes-- $11.95.
                    Now those of you from more metropolitan areas reading this may find that cheap, but understand that in Pittsfield (not southern Berkshire county) and that's quite expensive for lunch.
                    On to service: disappointing too, at best. Two tables were seated after us (we are working stiffs who needed to get back to school) and served first. I asked a server if we had a server, and my friend finally went up to the hostess to let her know we seemed to have been lost--all of which was very strange since we were at a 4 top in the middle of the dining room. Neither tactic helped.
                    Just as we were getting ready to walk across the street to have Indian buffet, our server showed up and asked if we wanted a drink while we reviewed the menu. When I very politely said we'd had more than enough time to consider the menu he snapped that he'd been very busy and had gotten to us asap.
                    Now, there were maybe 6 tables seated, with 3 servers in the room. And no matter what--how about just an apology and a "how can I help you now?"
                    Like LJSKI, we wondered how long this restaurant will last, though the other Jaes enterprises may keep it alive for a while. And I won't be back again either.

                    1. re: mjoyous

                      Wow, Joyous! I am very sorry to hear this. We have long been big fans of Spice in North Adams, then in Williamstown. Last time we went for lunch in Pittsfield (November) it was really okay. Jae is such a good businessman, it's surprising that he's not stepping in somehow. Gives me pause about trying it again myself. :-( Bummer.

                      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                        I'll go back to the North Adams restaurant, but not to Spice.

                        1. re: mjoyous

                          Went a couple weeks ago. Had sushi. Fish was kind of bland and watery. The $20 sushi platter had run of the mill selection of the usual salmon, yellowtail, shrimp. Came with no rolls, only a few pieces of not-so-fresh sashimi. My wife has a mediocre noodle dish. Son had kimchi fried rice which was disagreeably sweet and odd. (and he loves kimchi) As far as I can see, this place has little chance of success. I certainly won't return.

                          1. re: Big Fat Moe

                            Typically I like Jae's food but I have also had terrible service at the Jae's Spice and think it would be refreshing if they changed things up a bit. Yes, the menu is a bit different there, with some old Spice items like flatbread (which is a fave of mine but totally random when considered among the selection of asian entrees) but the sushi menu is identical to the former Williamstown and current North Adams locations, as are many of the entrees. What's the point in having two (or three) nearly identical menus within a 30 mile radius? And, as an asside, they pour SKIMPY glasses of wine at Jae's Spice compared to WMST and NA.

                            1. re: Big Fat Moe

                              Jae's has been around a while now in North Adams/Williamstown and locally it is pretty well-reputed. I usually like the sushi there but I can see how it wouldn't be for the very discerning (I affectionately call it "hillbilly sushi"). Kimchi fried rice is not my favorite, but I don't really remember it being significantly sweet. The spicy basil fried rice is pretty good--it's usually very spicy.
                              Haven't been to Spice yet, but probably will give it a whirl at some point.

                              1. re: mothly

                                hi mothly, welcome to chowhound! just wanted to clarify: jae's in north adams is still open, right? and i'm curious how much sushi competition it has in the area (... other than other jae's locations :). thanks!

                                1. re: cimui

                                  hey cimui, glad to be here! jae's inn opened in north adams a while back, then the restaurant moved to williamstown (an adjacent town to n. adams) and recently moved back to north adams. so, yes, still open ;) As for sushi competition, not so much. there is the sushi thai garden and chopsticks in williamstown (i like jae's better than those two) and i'm pretty sure that's it for northern berkshire county. pittsfield is the largest city in berkshire county, kind of right in the middle of the north-south axis, i don't eat there too often, but i'm guessing they've got more than jae's spice. i know south county has some places as well (in lenox and great barrington) but now you're talking an hour or more drive from north adams.

                                  1. re: mothly

                                    Fin in Lenox is great, and Moshi Moshi in North Hampton is my favorite in the area. Worth the drive or great if you are going out that way for a show or something.

                                    1. re: visink

                                      really appreciate the rundown of area options, mothly and visink! oddly, i think i have eaten at moshi moshi in northampton, on the way back from a wedding in the area last summer. (is it a fairly small place where you can see the sushi chefs working in the window?) i wasn't such a fan of the nigiri (off night, maybe), but the korean food was pretty good.

                                      1. re: cimui

                                        i briefly lived in northampton a few years ago; i think moshi moshi was just opening at the time. i've never eaten there however. i've been to osaka (also in downtown northampton) a couple times; i only had sushi there once but i liked it. i've had sushi at teapot in downtown noho as well; that's a grade down, probably comparable to the sushi thai garden and chopsticks. from a northern berkshire county perspective, northampton is a drive, as visink mentions (an hour plus), but it is a favorite place of mine anyway so i would have to agree that it's worth it on that measure alone.