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Aug 2, 2008 12:43 AM

Pied-à-Terre on Cambie - have you been?

Some friends and I want to try out this new French bistro. If you've been, would love to hear your experience and any items that are 'must-tries'!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks - Angie

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  1. I've been twice and had a great meal both times. Once for the 3 course table d'hote - I had the onglet steak frites au poivre. And once I had the duck breast with cherry sauce. I've also sampled a few of the hors d'oeuvre. A couple of standouts were the foie gras parfait and the onion pie.

    The $30 table d'hote is an excellent deal.

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      I was eyeing the table d'hote. I do love a great steak, plus it really is a wicked deal for $30! The foie gras parfait (love the name) sounds really decadent. How was it prepared (confit, terrine, pan seared)? Are there any desserts you would recommend? My friends is a dessert fiend and she has her heart set on their tarte tatin :) Thanks for sharing!

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        The foie was whipped into a light and airy paste and served with bread and cornichons. It was like a very rich but light like whipped butter.

        I had the creme caramel for dessert which was just OK. My mother's creme caramel is better :)

    2. I was there in April and loved the Onion pie and the Haricot verts and Frisee Salad....I'm not a meat eater so my choices were limited, I don't think there was a fish offering that night, but everyone at my table of four loved their choices...The service was attentive and friendly but I found the space to be cramped feeling, I know this is the French Bistro style but for me it was uncomfortably close and noisy.

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        I love french onion soup but have never tried onion pie. From the feedback received, looks like the onion pie is definitely going to on our list of 'must-tries'. Thanks so much for sharing!

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          The onion pie is delicious! Really really good! :o)

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          >>I know this is the French Bistro style but for me it was uncomfortably close and noisy.

          Yes I concur - it is very tight and noisy. Not a "romantic" spot if you are looking for that.

        3. I've been about 4 times in the past year. The food is great and not extremely expensive. The only thing I don't like is the tables being so close. Other than that, service has always been good and the food tasty. I usually get their fish of the day and so far every time it's been great. I've tried their prime rib as well and give it thumbs up. Great onion soup as a poster suggested. Right now, they have this lemon meringue that's amazingly good and refreshing.

          1. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my post and for sharing your experience! Makes me hungry just thinking about it. Cheers!