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Aug 1, 2008 10:06 PM

Help me like cooked carrots!

I have a huge bag of carrots that I bought to have as a healthy snack when the munchies hit. But I would also love to have some recipes that use carrots besides cakes, cookies and soups. I typically don't like cooked carrots, but am willing to try some chowhound guaranteed recipes that might help me change my mind.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I don't like Midwestern-style boiled (and boiled and boiled and boiled some more) carrots, either. But if you use them in a stir-fry until just heated through and still crisp, I'll bet you'll like them.

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      Thanks for the suggestion mpalmer! Stir fry is definitely an option... but I was also hoping for recipes that utilized a larger amount of carrots since I have such a huge (i.e. from Costco) sized bag of them. I was thinking of making candied carrots but I've never actually had them before and was wondering if they would just be a poor imitation of candied yams (which I love). Also, since I bought the carrots in an attempt to have a healthy snack on hand, I feel like I'm defeating the purpose if I make candied carrots... ;)

    2. Cut into "logs" about 2 inches long. Toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for a good long time (an hour or so) till they shrivle a bit and get browned. They are incredibly good that way. I don't like plain old cooked carrots of the "peas and carrots" variety either, but these are good. You can eat a LOT of carrots if they are cooked this way. I do this with parsnips too.

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        I prepare mine the same way as you do, but cook them at 425 for about 25 minutes. They are slightly carmelized and sweet! Oh so good.

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          I hated cooked carrots until I tried roasting them. So much tastier than steamed carrots! Last time, I also roasted some beets, and served the two together, tossed with a bit of extra olive oil and some fresh thyme.

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            You can do this on the outdoor grill too. Cut in half lengthwise, skewer them, brush w/ olive oil, salt & pepper. They take a bit longer to grill than most other veggies, but have that wonderful caramelized quality.

            If you try this, there is a trick to skewering carrots for grilling that I learned by trial & error. If you try to force them on the skewer they will snap in half and you are likely to poke yourself too. After you slice the carrots, lay them flat-side-down on a cutting board. Poke the skewer through the carrot in the middle of the fat end while it sits on the cutting board, then pick up the skewer and gently slide the carrot down.


          2. spkspk

            This is sort of a non-recipe. Carrot puree. Cook peeled, sliced carrots in salted water until soft. Drain. Puree in processor with a generous amount of butter, S & P. Rewarm if necessary. Serve hot. You could add an herb (my choice would be thyme, but dill would be good) and/or cream. I know it sounds like baby food, but I've often taken this when asked to bring a vegetable side to a gathering, and folks are delighted to find something a little different. All you need is a spoonful. Maybe try a really small batch (like 2 carrots), if this even strikes your fancy, to see if you like it.

            1. Peel, cut in half then into two-inch long sticks, cook over med-low heat with some butter. When they're just about cooked, season with salt and add some sweet sherry or port or other sweet wine to the pan. Yum.

              Also, it's not cooking them, but you could try carottes râpées. Peel the carrots an grate with the medium-small end of a box grater, holding the carrot diagonally the long way (so you get long strips of carrot). Toss with a viniagrette with some mustard and a bit of garlic. This is my favorite thing to do with carrots, and I could probably go through a 5 kilo bag this way :-)

              1. I, like you, have always been a lover of raw carrots and a hater of cooked. Marcella Hazan's braised carrots with parmesan cheese recipe will have you craving cooked carrots. They really are unbelievably good:


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                  I like to steam them with spinach (I just stack my steamer... sliced carrots on the bottom, washed spinach on the top).. toss w/ a little olive oil, salt & pepper & a dusting of parmesan cheese. the carrots "sweeten" the spinach.. and the cheese ties it all together.