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Bostonian in need of 'different' seafood

Adventurous eater seeks evening with underwater edibles. I've had a hundred lobster rolls, a thousand fried clams, a million oysters, and infinity pieces of raw tuna (yes, tartare counts in that). What can I try that is new and different and where can I find it? I love anything asian and haven't been to chinatown in way too long. help?

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    1. I have not been to O Ya, but it gets consistangly good reviews and if you want to spend $125. per person as Stuff at Night suggests that is what it will cost you, go for it. I think Uni, next to Cleo's might give you even more adventurous options, and although I don't eat too much uncooked seafood, mostly for allergy reasons, I've loved the times I've gone to FuGaKyu in Brookline. I will confess to living just a few blocks away, however.

      1. Any of the live seafood tank Hong Kong restaurants in Chinatown would work. My favorite is probably Peach Farm or East Ocean City; but Jumbo has it's fans. Eel, geoduck, crab, live shrimp,abalone and several finfish are usually available.

        1. Don't go to Pearl Villa in Chinatown. Despite its good reviews, I was incredibly disappointed on Thursday night.

          1. Great recs above. I'll add the Portuguese restaurants in East Cambridge to the mix. Their seafood dishes tend to be simply, thoughtfully prepared, with a subtle, but distinctive set of spices added in.

            This time of year, my favorite of these restaurants is Atasca near Kendall Square; it doesn't get much better than sitting out on their patio and dining on grilled sardines and seafood stew, and splitting a bottle of vinho verde.

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              Do they do a version of Porco com AmĂȘijoas Ă  Alentejana (Pork with Clams)? I love that dish in the hands of a skillful cook.

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                  I've enjoyed their clam/pork dish several times...worth a trip..also do a good job with sardines, squid and octopus.

              1. Couple more ideas - very good ceviche at Rincon Limeno in Day Square, Eastie, and others have recommended the seafood stew at Topacio, on Meridien near Central Square, also in East Boston. One more - Angela's serves a great shrimp dish with cilantro/tomatillo sauce (not absolutely sure on whats in the salsa/sauce...)(Also East Boston)

                Rincon Limeno
                409 Chelsea St, Boston, MA 02128

                Angela's Cafe
                131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

                1. Good recs below and I'll add Eastern Pier for very good chinese seafood and on the waterfront and Shiki for excellent and consistently interesting japanese in Brookline

                  1. thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for!!!

                    1. I would second all the recs for O-Ya. It is truly a unique, albeit, expensive experience but worth every penny. In addition I would also recommend East Ocean City in Chinatown on Tyler St. Again, if you don't mind spending some money I would try their Geoduck Clam which they serve in two courses, sashimi style on ice first and then the rest of clam deep fried. I would also suggest that you dry their live King Crab with spicy salt and pepper. As with most Chinese places they are better if you go with more than two people because you can order more dishes.

                      Another suggestion would be the "Swordfish Chop" that is served at Atlantic Fish Co on Boylston in Boston. This is a large piece of fresh swordfish that is cooked on-the-bone and served with a ginger soy glaze. I was told by the chef that this cut of swordfish comes from near the neck of the fish so it is somewhat fatty which helps it retain a very tender and juicy taste. I have had this dish the last two times I was there and enjoyed it immensely.

                      1. If you are not opposed to cooking at home, New Deal Seafood in E. Cambridge recently started carrying fresh water prawns from Thailand. About 8 inches long, visually striking for presentation and very mild in taste. Great on the grill.

                        1. Hamachi collar-- its super fatty and flavorful and usually simply broiled with a light sauce. Fuji 1546 in Quincy or Oishii Chestnut Hill make excellent versions.

                          Lobster Sashimi. They have this at Ginza Chinatown and at a few other Chinatown places. The lobster tail is quickly sliced thin and served in its own shell. When it's brought out to the table the antennae still move!

                          Pickled Baby Octopus. I actually like the ones you get at the sushi place in the Corner Mall.

                          1. Get the red snapper cooked in garlic sauce, at Merengue, the Dominican place in Dorchester! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. So rich and good. Their lobster in coconut sauce dish is generous and delicious as well.

                            1. The baby eels at Dali are quite tasty.

                              1. The baby eels at Dali are quite tasty.

                                1. Kotobukya at Porter Square has a great variety of fish - yellowtail collar, smelt, tilefish, horse mackerel, baby octopus, salmon roe, cod roe, baby eel (maybe), yellowtail sushi, toro sushi, salmon sushi, sea urchin, plus weekly specials. That's where I go for fish and I'm never disappointed.