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Aug 1, 2008 09:22 PM

Bostonian in need of 'different' seafood

Adventurous eater seeks evening with underwater edibles. I've had a hundred lobster rolls, a thousand fried clams, a million oysters, and infinity pieces of raw tuna (yes, tartare counts in that). What can I try that is new and different and where can I find it? I love anything asian and haven't been to chinatown in way too long. help?

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    1. I have not been to O Ya, but it gets consistangly good reviews and if you want to spend $125. per person as Stuff at Night suggests that is what it will cost you, go for it. I think Uni, next to Cleo's might give you even more adventurous options, and although I don't eat too much uncooked seafood, mostly for allergy reasons, I've loved the times I've gone to FuGaKyu in Brookline. I will confess to living just a few blocks away, however.

      1. Any of the live seafood tank Hong Kong restaurants in Chinatown would work. My favorite is probably Peach Farm or East Ocean City; but Jumbo has it's fans. Eel, geoduck, crab, live shrimp,abalone and several finfish are usually available.

        1. Don't go to Pearl Villa in Chinatown. Despite its good reviews, I was incredibly disappointed on Thursday night.

          1. Great recs above. I'll add the Portuguese restaurants in East Cambridge to the mix. Their seafood dishes tend to be simply, thoughtfully prepared, with a subtle, but distinctive set of spices added in.

            This time of year, my favorite of these restaurants is Atasca near Kendall Square; it doesn't get much better than sitting out on their patio and dining on grilled sardines and seafood stew, and splitting a bottle of vinho verde.

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              Do they do a version of Porco com AmĂȘijoas Ă  Alentejana (Pork with Clams)? I love that dish in the hands of a skillful cook.

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                  I've enjoyed their clam/pork dish several times...worth a trip..also do a good job with sardines, squid and octopus.