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Aug 1, 2008 07:50 PM

Astoria, Oregon

Hi - I am an SF Chowhounder and I will be in Astoria OR for business next week for almost a week. I would love to hear about some good options for lunch and/or dinner. I've done a bit of research and am interested in Fulio's, Ship's Inn and The Stand in Seaside. Any comments on those or further suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!!

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  1. If you are staying at the Elliot and are there on a Saturday, the farmers market is right out the door. About 1/2 a dozen food booths that are pretty yummy.

    1. We're not so sold on Ship's Inn, but can attest to the others. The Stand is definitely memorable lunch and Fulio's will present even more memorable dinner.

      1. I was just in Astoria this weekend - lovely place! - and has two meals, one very good, one incredible.

        We had dinner Friday night at Clemente's, which was very very good. Fresh, well prepared seafood and good cocktails.

        Saturday for lunch we went to the Drina Daisy, a Bosnian restaurant that turned out to be one of the best meals I have had in ages. The service is slow, they prepare all the food fresh made and to order, so it can take a while. But the food! There were so many choices, we asked for a sampler of everything, and they created this gorgeous platter with fresh fruit, vegetables, pickled items and 4 dishes: Beef Stew, Roast Lamb, Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and Spinach Pie. The presentation was amazing and the food even better. This was out last meal in a ten day trek across the state and even having eaten at some of the best places in Portland, this was one of the best meals we had.

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          Darn! I wanted to eat at Drina Daisy when I'm there next month. But, I'll be there on a Tuesday, and it's closed Mon-Tue :-(

          Is there a good place for a lunch, preferably seafood/oysters?

          1. re: scabbardgirl

            I only ate at those two, but there are quite a few restaurants in town. At there are many reviews of many places, give it a look. Please both of you let us know where you eat!

            It is a wonderful town, I loved it there.

        2. Thank you very much for the suggestions!

          1. If you are looking for a good microbrewery, the Fort George Brewery has a friendly atmosphere and good beer. The food's better than average too, IMHO.