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Aug 1, 2008 06:47 PM

TACOS-I found the spot!!! Review

I've been on a taco mission forever, even gone as for as trying majority of the spots Bandini (not sure of spelling) from Great Taco Hunts picks too.

Today I was suggested a spot and it stood behind its recommendations, my new #1 favorite Valley taco spot, beats any truck too.

Taquizas Corona aka Tacos de Corona
18326 Sherman Way
Reseda, CA. 91335


this is the sons spot, the fathers spot is identical but is on Balboa & Sherman Way.

Its both a Mexican grocery store and in back with a picnic type atmosphere with tables, tv, and chairs is the food.


I've been searching everywhere for those delicious red cuts of Al Pastor carved right off the spit like in Tijuana, amazing.

I had 3 at around $1.30 each, delicious sauces and I washed it down with a wonderful Fruita Aqua Fresca.

I cant wait to get back, by far the best I've had ever.

Report back once you try them too.


Stuart ;>)

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  1. Thanks for the post. I have been looking for good places to eat near the Van Nuys Airport. I will report back as soon as I can.

    1. We just tried the Tacos Corona on Balboa and Sherman Way. We had the carne asada and the shredded beef tacos, both in the combination plates. We liked it better than Melodies or Las Fuentes.

      The meat was flavorful and not gristly, the hot sauce (we got the salsa roja) was excellent, the tortillas were fresh, and the beans had a tiny bit of garlic in them that made them above par. The "Spanish" rice was good too.

      It was VERY clean, and the people were really nice. We plan to work our way through the menu, but first have to finish off the mound of carne asada that they gave us -- I would suggest ordering extra tortillas if you get the carne asada because you can get two meals out if it that way.

      All in all, we liked Tacos Corona a lot and plan to make it our go-to Mexican, especially since it's within walking distance in Lake Balboa.

      1. looks like I'll be here next week!

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        1. re: ns1

          Be sure to go to the one I listed at the very top vs. the one on Balboa & Sherman Way, one if the sons and the other location is the pops.

          The address at the very top of this thread is the authentic one where they carve your al pastor off the hot tasty spit.

          The other location is your typical mexican restaurant with the meat already in the bins ready to throw on your tortilla.

          Again, the good spot has a grocery store front and you park in the back, in the back is the restaurant with tables & a patio type setting.


          Stuart :>)

        2. Doe they serve burritos and other things!

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          1. re: Diana

            Yes they do, outside behind the grocery store is where they do the carving and you can relax at a table enjoying whats on the TV.

            Walk inside and they take other orders there, burritos and other goodies, you can have carne asada or what I'm having after work today the al pastor burrito.

            Report back once you try it and be sure to try the aqua fresca (Fresh Fruit juice with chunks of fruit in the drink)

            Good Stuff,


            P.S.-Bandini would of loved this spot, miss the Great Taco Hunt

            1. re: Hypnotic23

              I'll definitely try the Reseda location of Tacos (de) Corona, and try the al pastor. It's just that the Balboa/ Sherman Way one is within walking distance, and we did really like it.

              What happened to the Great Taco Hunt?

              1. re: ValleyGal

                Not sure, he hasn't updated in months and doesn't respond to emails at all? He would of loved this new find...

          2. This is an awesome find. I've passed both locations for years and never thought to stop. The grocery store is sort of hidden since you have to enter through the parking lot in back, but once you get inside it really is like stepping through a portal into mexico. Very rich and oily al pastor... and right off the grill. The people are quite friendly too... great atmosphere.

            Took an asada burrito back to the office... perfectly flavored but a little on the fatty side. But also, it easily had 3 times the amount of meat that you normally get in a burrito like this... and just a smattering of the rice/beans/onion/cilantro stuff. For $4.50... I'm still stuffed.

            My only complaint is I thought the salsas were all pretty bland... I need a lot more heat. But anyway I'm definitely going back.