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Aug 1, 2008 04:51 PM

Pizzeria Libretto anyone know when its doors open at 221 ossington?

I'm so stoked. Anyone know anything besides REAL Neapolitan pizza?

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  1. I'm the proprietor of Pizzeria Libretto. We were trying to open for August 8th, but have been delayed with construction by one week. We should be open for mid August. We will be making pizza according to the VPN guide lines. The rest of the menu consists of appetizers, salads, house-made salumi, and formaggi.

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      Thanks for the reply. Nice to hear it right from the source. Ive read the guidelines you will be following and I LOVE IT. REAL PIZZA for real pizza lovers. Cant wait to try it!! Please post when you have opened your doors for us pizza starving Torontonians and good luck with your business.

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        Do you have a website for Pizzeria Libretto?

        1. re: dragonflygrl

          it will be live with menus and all other info very soon.
          thanks for the interest

          1. re: pizzeria_libretto

            Any chance that the restaurant is opening up this week for dinner?

            1. re: salumifan

              Last night there was a sign on the door that said they were having a private party, but would be open to the public tonight.

              (I'm a frequent reader and new poster...looking forward to participating in the Toronto chow discussions!)

      2. If all those ingredients get used, I will be visiting regularly!

        1. Is it supposed to be a sit down type restaurant or a take out place? I live down the street so I'm super excited.

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            it is a full service restaurant that will be open for dinner only to start. In September we will start lunch and take out, and then not too soon after delivery.

          2. This place is news to me, and it sounds great!...any chance they have a wood fired oven?

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            1. re: Recyclor

              Yes they have a Wood-burning oven which was made from a third generation pizza oven builder in Naples and shipped here.

            2. Let me know when the take-out is ready :)

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              1. re: duckdown

                Is this restaurant affiliated with the Silver Spoon, or is it the former Chef from Silver Spoon opening his own restaurant?
                I very much enjoyed the food at Silver Spoon, but would not return because of server issues. I would be delighted to have Chef's food at another venue.

                1. re: erly

                  It's the owner/chef from Silver Spoon opening a pizza the Spoon!...Marimba!

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                      So are these guys open yet? Craving some pizza for

                      1. re: visualhornet

                        I walked by yesterday and the windows are still papered up with the coming soon sign. So excited for this to open. Who knew Ossington would become the next hot spot!

                        1. re: visualhornet

                          I got a peek inside the other day, and had the chance to speak briefly with the manager. They are aiming to open around the 26th,(Aug).