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Aug 1, 2008 04:22 PM

Craving really good bagels

I love bagels and I eat it almost everyday for breakfast... but now my life in NY is coming to an end as I am forced to move out west and I will be stuck with the sara lee bagels and noah's bagels of California which really doesn't cut it. I haven't been too selective with the bagels I eat on a daily basis, but I can't forget the taste of some of the bagels I've had in the past. I remember Celebrity bagels from (tenafly?) NJ , and there was a local commuter shop along the Long Island Expressway that I can't remember the place anymore... and I'm just looking to try some really solid, good bagel. I've tried Murrah's which I thought was ok,... but if anyone has a passion for bagels and has a favorite, PLEASE let me know. I must try some before moving away.

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  1. Absolute Bagels- Broadway between 107-108- best in the city. Beats H &H and Murrays hands down.

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    1. I'm fond of Ess-a-bagel. I also like H&H, so if you don't, maybe you won't like Ess-a-bagel either.

      1. Ess-a -bagel is nothing like H&H. They are not sickly sweet like H&H, they are huge and doughy. Something hot and delicious all day long. Nice Nova too.

        1. We really like Daniels Bagels on 3rd Ave in Murray Hill. While it could be because we live right around the corner, I actually think they make some really good fresh bagels.

          1. I usually buy Gourmet Garage bagels, because of convenience, and they are good. But the other day I bought some at EAT, Eli's place at Madison and 81st (probably availabe at other outlets too) and they are superb! If you like dense bagels, not fluffy or airy, that take a bit of effort to bite into, you will love these.