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Aug 1, 2008 03:56 PM

Korean in Dallas

I have never eaten Korean food. Need some rec for good Korean in Dallas or area.

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  1. Try Korea House on YHarry Hines and Royal. Great house special rolls made with bbq korean beef and tasty bulgogi and bibimbop. Pretty good sushi and a wide variety of asian dishes.

    1. I think Seoul Garden (35 & Royal Ln) is pretty consistent and one of the
      better Korean restaurants.
      They have a good variety of Korean dishes.
      The more common and well-liked dishes are:

      galbi (marinated short rib)
      bulgogi (marinated thin sliced beef)
      bibimbop (rice, mixed vegetables and beef w/spicy sauce)
      soondubu jigae (spicy tofu soup)
      kimchi jigae (spicy kimchi soup)

      FYI: No matter what you order, you are also served small side dishes (5-10).
      They change sometimes from day to day, but kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage)
      is the staple of Korea food, so it will always be served w/any meal.

      There's a big Korean supermarket in Carollton called H Mart.
      They have a small food court inside.
      It's fast and cheap ($5-$8 average) and a good way to get introduced to Korean food.
      They usually don't give the side dishes tho.

      1. Please see my review of Kalbee House in Carrolton

        love to hear your review..

        1. Our favorite is Snow Mountain in Garland--we like it better than those in Koreatown (we don't order BBQ and better BBQ can be had in Koreatown). They were busy at lunch time today (half of the customers were Koreans) and understaffed.

          The chef or management might have changed because our favorite dishes seem a little different now (still good) and unfortunately, the banchan deteriorated tremendously...