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Aug 1, 2008 03:49 PM

Advice on Charlotte

I hope you guys can help me. I'm getting together with about 20 of my friends in Charlotte and we just was a place where we can chill out, drink and catch up. Some of may even want to order some light food. The problem is that most restaurants I run into online are sit down, full dinner type places and the bars don't have the space. Is anyone familiar with Bar 9 in New York? That's what we're looking for. Please help!

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  1. are you looking for a nicer place, or more of a bar-type atmosphere? also, Charlotte is pretty big. Any certain area of town? Uptown? PLaza Midwood/Myers Park/Cotswold/DIlworth? Ballantyne?

    1. In Southend there is a restaurant called Pewter Rose right next door is a club called
      Tutto Mondo that I think will be perfect for you. Great vibe and you can order food from the Pewter Rose menu. Check out -

      1. I'm not familiar w/ Bar 9 but I checked it out online. These places look like they are in the same league: Connolly's on 5th, RiRa, Typer Creek Pub & Big Ben.

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          LL - I don't think Connolly's has a kitchen. It's one of those paid membership clubs. I like your other suggestions though.

        2. THE best place to go for what you are looking for is Sir Edmund Halley's behind Park Road Shopping Center off of Park Road and Woodlawn Road. Depending on what time you are going there, call ahead and get one of the spaces up top in the back. Request the room with the jukebox and the big table. If you're going there later, don't worry about calling ahead, as the dinner crowd will be gone, and the whole place will provide the right atmosphere. It's a British-style pub serving good food.

          Thomas Street Tavern is also good for something like that, but the food there is terrible. So don't go there if eating will be a part of it (unless eveyone is content with mostly below-average bar food).

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            I was going to suggest Sir Edmund Halley's but didn't b/c it's tiny inside. But you were kind enough to elaborate.

          2. Moosehead Grill on Montford is good if you don't mind sitting outside. They have a big upstairs deck and their food is pretty decent for what it food.

            I like Sir Edmonds, but it is very, very smokey inside.

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              Ok, now that I have a better idea... Moosehead is good, Angry Ale's (not sure about the food though), also Cosmo's downtown or Big Daddy's Burger Bar on East Blvd.