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Aug 1, 2008 03:47 PM

Smoque lately?

Has anyone eaten at Smoque lately, and is it as busy as it was a few months ago? We've been a couple times and enjoyed the food but the lines were daunting.

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  1. We ate at Smoque a couple of weeks ago. Got there at ~5:30 and the line wasn't bad, but by the time we finished eating the line was out the door.

    1. We ate at Smoque this past weekend. We started just out the door around 630p. We grabbed a menu and had prepared our order. We were at the cashier in under 25 minutes. Our food came out pretty fast too. Crowded, but three (owners and staff) were going through the line to count your party and try to make seating for those staying. They even called a cab for us when we were ready to go. After a lifetime of NC BQ and now Virginia BBQ, this was an awesome smoky experience.